Hey There!!!

I’m here to show off my progress on my current projects.

My own Starry Night is a few days work away from being finished.

I loaned my kid my “good chair” and am stuck using what was once my in-laws’ dining table chair. It’s solid but NOT comfortable. Since I am only filling in black – I have all my needles ready to fire!
A few days ago, I started stitching in the metallic embossing aluminum stars. I wrote all about the embossing foil that can be penetrated and stitched into.
Another metal embossing sheet. This one has a brass look.

I knew it would be a fun canvas to put together and it has been. I’m also trying to get outdoors with the pups, because…

They will not leave my side! If I am in the studio (this is in my studio) they’ll be here too. They and also the cat, follow me everywhere. I can’t figure it out since Scott is also home all day and is actually the one who feeds them.

I spend about an hour a day at my chair by the crystals. I do a little meditation and string up beads of glass. I recently started a new area on the other side of the stairs from my main crystal curtains.

It’s hard to see but more pictures soon.
This area has a lot of sparkle. Lots of rainbows but only when the sun is adjacent.

I took advantage of another big sale at Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, purchasing strands of glass beads and also, you know I love a mystery bag, yeah, I got a 1lb “Boss Bead Bag”.

Lotsa glass and the mystery lb bag of bead stuff!
I’m opening the mystery bag! Here’s what I find!
Lots of beads and jewelry making stuff. And hoops!
Excuse my face, how about these hoops? They were in my mystery bag .

I’m pretty happy with my bead haul and I completely appreciate that Fire Mountain gets the orders out immediately! It’s only a day or two after ordering that my hauls arrive. I only buy when they have big sales.

Something else that I want to mention was that as I was scrolling around other Embroidering blogs, I heard about this project by an embroidery blogger Sarah, let’s get a link in here https://www.embroidery.rocksea.org/projects/embroidery-for-a-cause/women-life-freedom -https://www.embroidery.rocksea.org/projects/embroidery-for-a-cause/women-life-freedom-/?fbclid=IwAR0Kze7TZaBefe4AELyO5OJGizbST9ranjbntK03QCSDoYgZRF2Kl55Knhg

When you get to Sarah’s page, you will find the the project to fill in a design to stand in solidarity with women of Iran and other places where women are oppressed .

Women. Life. Freedom designed by Sarah, completed by moi.
Happy National Cat Day and 5th Cataversary to our brave and tolerant Abe!!

And that is that! I’ll be back soon for Dia de Muertos. I’m just putting up a small shrine this year as Scott has surgery right around then and I will be too busy hovering over him to pull out all the stops but it’s still happening. This year we are mourning our little Onyx and big Kale – my SiL’s beautiful Lab. I’ll do the best I can. I added new pieces to my growing collection of ddm figurines and canvas.

Thanks for coming by!

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