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The excitement for this event has been building up since I first heard about it! A Tech company bought this reknown Gay Bath House “EROS” but because it will take years for permits to come thru for whatever theyre putting up, the company is sharing it with a few local organizations to create good will. This is the first of more Art exhibits in a party form to come. I’m proud to have Garden Katrina, Aunties Love You and The Sound of Music Skull installed in the main room for the party! Here’s the photo dump and I’ll get a link or two about Artfuse up at the end. Then, hopefully, Ibuprofen will kick in and ease an ache in my shoulder so I can get back to stitching. I’m excited to work on “my big lady/goddess/i dont know” canvas.

It’s a big building and it was beyond filled up. There were a series of Musicians that played thru the event and in the back a full bar was in service.
Most of the wilder activity was upstairs but the lower level had a more gallery look to it.
Lower level was more of a gallery style exhibit
On to the second floor!
The venue was a famous or infamous Gay Bath House “EROS”. The building is a bit of a maze, room after room which makes it even more fun.
What’s next here? Ah, the main room. I see my “Aunties” canvas is in there!
There’s my trio of Embroideries. Garden Katrina in the middle is 36″x48″.
display in Sauna
This was really early in the party. We left just as mobs of people began showing up! I’ll see if I can get permission to put up the later happenings pictures.
screen grab- what fun!
Several musicians of different types entertained throughout the party.
I did’nt check out who most of the artists were, I’m so sorry! I’m sure they’re all up at the Artfuse website, I’ll post at the end of this blog.
This sensual painting is by Delma Soult
I love Nathalie Fabri”s Victorian homes and buildings with floral and dreamy inclusions. Almost lyrical.

The link for Delma is

The link for Nathalie is

The link for ArtfuseSF is

Thanks for popping by! I’ll be back soon to show and tell on my latest projects.

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