San Francisco ArtSpan ArtLaunch

We managed to get to 934 Brannan Street, An entire 30 minutes early. We wandered over to Trader Joe’s and Scott went shopping.
There is a garden path walking into the SOMArts Cultural Center. Several small shrines viewable.
Another of several small shrines. All these pretty garden scenes are under a freeway!
This Area- Bar & Dancing, was full when we left. The demand to attend ArtLaunch and the protocal for Covid meant we had a limited time. The attendence was divided into 3 time spots. I imagine it was pretty full in the later time slots as people who work a bit later, came at later times. You can see the freeway looming above the courtyard.
Still early, there’s the DJ station.
Now, we’re inside the grand gallery space. Many of the artists participating in Open Studios took the voluntary opportunity to Present a piece for this launch. There’s the Creative Collaboration Campaign winner! If you are in SF, you can see this beautiful painting on billboards and maybe a bus? My own art, a finalist is on posters all around too.
There’s sculpture and jewelry included here too.
Many favorites.
There’s the hero, Scott who gets me and my artwork all around the Bay Area. It’s truly the most important thing to have a partner who enjoys your art and supports you.
FWIW, I will be showing my art on Weekend 4, November 12 &13.
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