Work in Progress Update

Our Goddess, Lady or ?, remains unnamed or rather “Untitled”

Welcome Back!
The last blog was getting long and discussing mostly about the upcoming Art extravaganzas, So, here is the current work in progress update that shouldve been included yesterday. As you can see in the above photo, the Pewter colored yarn from Katia made for a very expressive head of hair for our lady.

The head next got attached to it’s final canvas. I set aside an area for the torso with a sheet of slightly glittered tissue paper.
To glue down the tissue paper, and to reinforce it, I put a mixture of matte and iridescent medium under and over it.
On a separate canvas, I have made embroidered patches with the holographic vinyl.
A few days ago.
A few days ago, I’ve been adding to it since then. The vinyl changes color depending on which angle you look at it from.
There is some texture in addition to all that shine.close up on the glitter paper boob with glitter paper (from the “stationary” section of Walgreens or CVS- cheap).

I once tried out a small black canvas (a canvas that is black instead of white or a natural buff/natural color for a skull) ,but lost touch with where I left it. Now, that I am actively working on this one, I’m enjoying crazy reflective qualities of this holographic vinyl. In some spots, I used it still adhered to the sheet, in others, I peeled that off and applied the vinyl direct to the canvas where it stuck. It is thin like tape so working carefully to not crack/rip the tape as I plunge that needle down.

That is the update! I will be back to show you what is going to happen to the area by the head. Also, a review of the art Launches coming up. So much !!!
Thanks for coming by- I’m throwing some pictures from our afternoons in SF.

Beautiful Mural across the alley at 111 Minna Street.
Butter Chicken Burrito & free Chai @ Curry Up Now on Valencia Street in San Francisco’s Mission District.
We had to take the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge to the East Bay. Then, took the Bay Bridge to San Francisco. This is coming into SF from the Bay Bridge. The Next Video is the same day, leaving SF going home to Marin on the Golden Gate Bridge.
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