Got the Guide!

My Silver Butterflies on a pack of posters to promote ArtSpan San Francisco Open Studios.
A stack of posters and a few “Silver Butterflies” sightings inside the SFOS Guide.

I’m pleasantly surprised that it actually feels like a traditional fall should feel. Since we’ve moved here, it’s been horribly hot, fire season weather in the North Bay during Octobers. This drizzle and grey sky we are experiencing is nice. It’s Sunday and there’s lots of art activities coming up this week, it’s also my favorite musicians birthday today. Happy Birthday to Bobby Weir, making 75 look easy! I am no ordinary Bobby Weir fan, I’m bobsessed! I have followed Bobby in his various bands since I was a teenager. I’ve traveled to many cities in the USA, been to a few European cities too and there’s a couple ISLAND adventures (Jamaica twice, Bahamas once). Bobby has been my muse for such a long time. If you love Bobby too or just are curious, my ancient Bobby Blog is called “Weir Freakin” and it’s mainly a good history of the Ratdog scene from the UK tour in 2003, until about 2011-12 when Bobby transitioned to the band “Further” back with the other remaining members of his most famous band, The Grateful Dead. The old thing can be read at:

Back to Art Things, First, a review of the ArtSpan Open Studio “Get the Guide” release . We trekked over to 111 Minna Gallery. I got out while dear husband went to hunt down a parking space. Minna Street is in an alley by Moscone Center, large hotels and SFMOMA and all the crowds shopping up and down Market Street. Quite a hub, but hard to get a parking spot.

I don’t have many photos but if you need to see the place, there’s pictures on ArtSpan’s social media. The venue is beautiful and I would be very proud to hang my artwork there. Kudos to 111 Minna Gallery for supporting the ArtSpan organization which is an enormous support for local artists.

ArtSpan is the “art scene” in San Francisco. I long to be in SF only to be able to be more involved. There’s no easy way to get to SF that’s reasonable (the ferry? The bus takes hours). Only needed to jump on a train when we lived on the peninsula, which was very handy.

Getting the guide at 111 Minna Gallery.

The Guide party was really nice and I felt underdressed and had forgotten to bring a face mask. I said hello to the few artists that I knew, gathered up some guides and postcards (promo stuff for open studios) and for the first time, saw the promo posters with my Silver Butterflies . I couldn’t be prouder. Scott still hadn’t found a parking spot so, we headed over to the Mission and grabbed some delicious dinner at Indian Fusion spot “Curry Up Now”. We split a Naughty Naan Tikki Masala pizza and a Butter chicken burrito. So yummy, savory without over spicing.

We returned to San Francisco on Friday to drop off the “Silver Butterflies “ and my “green eyes butterflies” canvases to be displayed (and hopefully, sold!) at the next art party at the South of Market Art Cultural Center (SOMArts). This party is the Art Launch Party and it’s going down on Thursday 10/20. There will be drinks and music and celebrating all the artists participating in SF Open Studios. Though I have had art in many SFOS, this will be my first Art Launch Party . It’s going to be so well attended that we had to choose a time to come and go! Every artist involved has a piece of art on display and I’m not sure if it’s a silent auction or not? I am excited to see and meet some other artists.
the info:

SOMArts Cultural Center 934 Brannan Street San Francisco, CA 94103

About this event

ArtSpan is pleased to host the 2022 SF Open Studios Exhibition at SOMArts Cultural Center in-person with an exciting celebration of this vast collection of featured artworks by Premier SF Open Studios Artists.

For continued health safety precautions, a limited number of people will be permitted in the SOMArts gallery at once. There are three viewing slots to select from; 6-7pm, 7-8pm and 8-9pm. Reservations are required to be admitted during the event without exception. Time limits will be strictly enforced. Please arrive and depart on time to allow everyone the best experience possible.

This is a 21+ event.

To protect the health and safety of our guests, staff and volunteer teams, we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE that everyone in attendance wear a properly fitted mask within SOMArts property. Mask wearing mandates are subject to change based on City-wide and SOMArts requirements.

Guests will be provided a single drink ticket upon entry that can be redeemed at the outside bar of the SOMArts courtyard after viewing the exhibition and exiting the gallery. Here friends can gather for conversation and announcements will be made until the end of your chosen time slot.

The SFOS Exhibition honors the artists responsible for our region’s unique artistic landscape that attracts admirers from all over the world.
The exhibition is open for public viewing beginning Friday, October 21st through Sunday November 13, 2022.

Gallery Hours:

Thursday–Friday 3:00pm–5:00pm, 5:30pm–7:30pm

Saturday-Sunday* 12:00pm–2:00pm, 2:30pm–5:00pm

*Note that gallery hours on the final day of the exhibition, Sunday, November 13th will be 12-3pm.

A bit blurry but there’s my “Green eyes, butterflies canvas. Each artist brings a canvas for the Artlaunch! I brought two this year. I’m not sure where “Silver Butterflies” will be placed?

The other art party coming up is the launch of ARTFUSE SF. It’s taking place in the same venue where I will be showing my artwork for SFOS, ThirdSpace on Market Street in the Castro. The ARTFUSE Party just like the Artlaunch party is open to the public. ARTFUSE Party is featuring artwork, performance art and lots of live music from a variety of musicians . I love a big art party and hurrah for Nathalie for curating this . I will have plenty to report back with. Unlike the “Get the Guide” party, I promise to get some pictures!

ArtFuse Launch Event!!!
2051 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114-1316, United States

ArtFuse is about to light a fire!

Come celebrate the launch of a new art-centered community and event space in the heart of the city. Part eclectic art gallery, part music venue, part old bath house, and 100% authentically San Francisco. This is a place where we fuse the diverse groups that make up SF today, and where you’ll find an energized and diverse community coming together with new ideas to support creators.

Come explore our unique venue and the large collection of artwork creatively displayed throughout the space. All evening we’ll have various interactive exhibits and artistic & dance performances, along with full bar service.

Choose your vibe: come on the early side to chat with some of the artists whose work is on display and enjoy a relaxed environment with live music. Later on, we’ll get the party going with DJs and a dance floor.

All artwork is available for purchase; please consider supporting our local artists!

Still absolutely thrilled!

I smell soup!! Scott heard my request for some veggy soup and at last, it’s ready. Afterwards, we’ll be watching our Bobby Weir on a livestream of his show tonight. What a THING that is, after so many cars, trains, planes & boats we have taken to go see him. Weir living in the best of times, I tell you.
I will be back very soon to update whoever is reading this on my work in progress.

Quick News- My Anne Frank, Maya Angelou, Amy Tan, Carrie Fisher, Virginia Wolfe portraits are AVAILABLE at Imagiknit right NOW.

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