Hello October! ArtSpan! ArtSpan! ArtSpan!!!

Whaa-aat? October already?
It’s true, time goes faster when you’re older. Time also sprints by when you’re happy, busy and having fun. I’m oldish, busy, happy and currently, having fun. Knowing this, I shouldn’t be surprised it’s already October. What is fun? What’s enjoyable? Art is my happy place. I am an expert in finding my zone. It not only makes the hours whiz by but, it’s my favorite form of communication, even when I’m not sure what I want to express. I’m happy to have this time to make art, it’s all I’ve ever wanted: the time, money and the space to create. Desh, the puppy has settled in nicely. He’s 80% housebroken!! In other personal news, my wonderful Dad is finally home and on the mend from a parade of infirmities and injuries that have been plaguing him since June. I feel such relief and gratitude for my whole family.

My Dad at my daughter’s wedding in June. Two days later, he fell down and injured himself and then caught Covid, that began a landslide of health issues. Grateful he’s finally home.

I’m happy-happy!!! So, here we go October!!
This month, I’m going to two terrific ArtSpan Open Studios events. If you’re in San Francisco or nearby, come join me!
The first event comes up o October 13th, 5-8 PM at 111 Minna Gallery (94105). It’s the annual “Get The Guide Art Party”. There will be music and art but, the point is to come on over and grab the guide to every artist and venue exhibiting during 2022’s Open Studio (4)Weekends.
The second event is the Artlaunch Party happening on October 20 6-9 PM and involves signing up at:
This party features 1 piece of art from each SFOS artist. I am so proud to have my “Silver Butterflies” chosen to promote SFOS, I am looking forward to finally getting to hang out with my SF art friends at these events. Covid actually helped me make new artist friends because of ZOOM! When in zoom meeting with fellow artists, you end up sharing stories, art as well as taking care of the business of the zoom call.

The wild woman/goddess/not sure yet ,subject to be added to a larger canvas.

My current works in progress include 2 smaller canvases featuring more metallic foil to match up with the series I’ve created for my SFOpen Studio display (November). Spirit also moved me to start a new HUMONGUS canvas of a woman/goddess/not sure yet . I still have a skein of “Piedras” by Malabrigo wool. It feels so nice and makes for an interesting skin tone. I wasn’t certain which direction to go with “her” until I had the husband take me to Ross Dress of Less where greatly discounted stretched canvas is often sold. After deciding that every online offering of black stretched canvas was just too pricey and would take forever to arrive (you know I have limited patience with slow deliveries), I remembered Ross might still have those huge canvases and sure, enough, one large black canvas was there. Of course, it was enormous at 36”x48”, which is much larger than what I was thinking.
I don’t know how we were able to fit it into my little car. Now that the canvas is here, I’m very inspired about how I will further design my woman/goddess/not sure yet lady and how or if I will fill in all the spaces. If I work the metallic foil into it, it may work well with my SFOS collection. I’ll have it posted here as it comes together.

Only $19.00! Because it’s sold at a clothing discount store Ross!

I’ve shown off some of the metallic foil in my recent canvases. In my next blog, I will write more about what it is, where to get it and how I work with it in stitching on stretched canvas.
Wishing good things for anyone reading along.

We are doing okay!!! I felt bad for my cat and so built him a cat tower. Funny looking puppies can’t bother him up in his tower.
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