Happy Fall!!

Desh has been with us for 3 weeks now!!

Hello and a happy change of seasons to you. What a crazy Summer that was. Started right after my daughter’s wedding and ending yesterday . Despite so many dreams of pool parties and day trips, we had a remarkably dull Summer. The main theme was my dad and dealing with health care issues. Issues upon issues . Not too fun but there is a silver lining in that after all these long weeks, he is scheduled to go home today!! My mom is clear minded and my siblings have been by her side all Summer . My parents have a million friends and so many have trekked to various care centers to visit Dad. Such blessings so lovely.

I spent the last 3 or 4 weeks on this 40”x30” canvas

After being wholly engaged with the royal 🤴🏽 funeral (see my last blog) and taking more breaks than usual to deal with the new puppy, I finished the big canvas “Anniversary “ . I used copper foil and some of copper fiber that an Online friend Denise sent me. I used only a fraction of that turquoise acrylic yarn from the Amazon mystery yarn 🧶. This large canvas is meant to be displayed and hopefully sold during San Francisco’ Open Studios in November along with four 20”x20” canvases also with butterfly/mirrors and foil. I am now adding a few smaller canvases to also display.

My heart ♥️ is ready for the 2022 Mission Kiss!!!

Suddenly, after the very weird Summer, I have to wake up and deal with art things . I am shocked 😳 that it’s already time to turn in my heart for The Mission 💋 Kiss! Last year, I participated and made new artist friends Delma who claimed my 2021 heart and Nathalie, the inventor of Mission Kiss. Here’s information about Mission Kiss 😘 . Artists will be hanging hearts around Valencia Street (my favorite street in SF). People wandering are encouraged to take one and if they choose, may send a donation to the artist. I love stuff like this!!!

Gratuitous Puppy picture

Thanks for checking in!

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