As you may have known, we have been searching for a second dog since April. We fostered the adorable but difficult to manage Henry for almost 3 weeks. We visited candidates at the shelters in Sonoma and Marin . We hit all local mobile adoption fairs . It was another Saturday pet fair near our home and there he was, looking like a giant pork bun sitting on a volunteer’s lap. We brought Annie (our just turned two year old Formosan Mountain dog) and the dogs exchanged glances and the pork bun gave Annie a little lick when he ventured off the lap. So, it took a day to decide on taking in a little puppy.

Desh’’s baby pictures

We didnt make a list of pros and cons, it just seemed right and so, we made the phone call, filled out an application, then arranged for a private meeting with Annie and puppy. Annie was more than ready to buddy up with Puppy and Puppy was happy to play with Annie!

It was a sweet drive back to Marin with both dogs in the back seat, me between them though Annie managed to wedge into a tiny spot between the pup and I.
The puppy’s backstory was that a kind dog lover saw kids selling or giving away puppies at a local Flea Market and took our pup and his litter-mate to the shelter. Poor Pup had to be dewormed and neutered but, he has all his vaccinations and seems quite sturdy.
We named him “Saint Stephen (ya, weir deadheads) Desher Schlesinger” but we are calling him”Saint Desh” and “Desh” for short. Annie’s full name is Annie Sunshine Dydream for my sweet fun lovely friend ‘Annie’ who died suddenly and tragically in the middle of a November night. It took awhile before I could think of her without a tear. My Annie reminds me of how fun and sweet the original was. It was Scott who wanted to memorialize his buddy from childhood-adult, Stephen Desher. I don’t recall ever hearing anyone call him Stephen or Steve, he was always just Desh. I don’t know how to describe Desh the human, but when we sent a photo of puppy Desh to Human Desh’s wife Liz, she was delighted and hoped ‘Saint Desh’ will carry on the human’s wild and adventurous spirit. I could describe every detail of St Desh’s homecoming but I need now to go find out where he and my Annie have run off to. I’ll just say that so far, so good! I’ll be back soon with some info on the current canvas, just getting my puppy story documented.
Ciao or Chow? Woof!
Have a good weekend, stay cool if you’re in the heatwave zone

The human Desh. Miss him.
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