Yay Day because we got to go see some adoptable dogs and pups. Every other weekend, we go to a local pet food shop that invites rescue groups to show off some orphans. We saw some cuties but Annie didn’t bond with them the way she had a few weeks ago with one pup. We also visit the Humane Society- just there on Wednesday. Our little guy is out there somewhere. We’ll keep looking.

It’s also a Yay Day because all of the yarn I mentioned has come in just a little while ago. This blog today is highlighting my last acquisition from a company I found a year or two ago via Pinterest called Skeincocaine . I recall that when I saw a pin of a skein of crazy looking yarn that I had to have, the company name stood out but, I didn’t look further at their offerings. Then a week ago, a newsletter arrived from the owner describing what’s been up and now, company is on track . I poked around and grabbed the last “Special” skein. When I didn’t hear immediately from the company, I contacted them to double check and received a quick but humorous response that made me smile and relax.

And here’s my order!

Arrived in this pretty yellow floral mailer and inside the mailer is a cotton drawstring bag!

Here’s the wool, but that’s not all that was inside the drawstring bag!
A bonus mini skein and tea 🫖


I also received the Danubes from two different states! The Simply Socks order was received yesterday and today, Eat.Sleep.Knit arrived.

With all of the yarn now here, I better get back to stitching!

Have a great weekend!

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