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Work in progress, started 8/21, referred to as the anniversary one . The darker aqua or turquoise color is from the huge mystery box from Amazon. hope to use much of it up on this 30″x40″ canvas.

Revving up!
It’s Thursday and I’m excited!!! Hot weekend date? Hah, no! I’m revving up for the upcoming ArtSpan Open Studios Season! If you’ve been following along, you read that my embroidery “Silver Butterflies” is part of the campaign to promote the 4 weekend art event coming up in Fall. One of my perks from this was receiving a free premium registration for SF Open Studios!! My weekend to show my stuff, flaunt my wares, show off some stitchery will be Weekend 4. More specifically, November 12 & 13 at Third Space in The Castro district at 2051 Market Street.
There will be 7 additional artists also showing in there. It’s doubly exciting because an artist friend is also curating the building for this. It’s always easier when someone you know and trust is the leader.
So by revving up, I’m putting together an array of new canvases. I’ve posted the skulls and the faces that are completed and even included 2 canvases that I worked on but haven’t finished because I just didn’t like them. I will go back to them later. Instead, started a new canvas that’s going to be probably the largest canvas at 30 x40 inches. I started designing it on our 34th wedding anniversary (yipes! that’s a long time to be with someone!) and so it’s two skulls surrounded by butterflies (60 to be precise -happy Virgo Season) on a sea (or Sky) of mirrors and Hedgehog fibers’ “Danube”.
If you know me at all, and maybe you do, a shiny new canvas involves NEW YARN. I had a little $ and really just wanted to let loose but first, I need more than the little bit of leftover Danube I have and so, a lot of time was invested in tracking down the expensive, somewhat elusive, absolutely had to have “Danube. I first ordered Danube over at Wool & Company- free shipping!!! But, then ended up canceling after noting that Danube was not in stock but just a few weeks to wait. Nope! I immediately contacted Wool & Company and had no problem canceling. They are first on the future list for their kindness and yes, for the free shipping. My usual Go To yarn shop no longer carries Hedgehog Fibers.
My next online stop was Jimmy Beans. It’s so crazy there and again no Danube! Unfortunately, I did not immediately leave the site and now I’m expecting 2 gorgeous balls of yarn. Not Hedgehog Fibers but MadelineTosh which is also somewhat pricy. I can’t help that I like the feel of wool on my fingers.

Okaaaay, a lot poorer, still need to find that Danube and there it was, one skein at an online shop called Simply Yarn Socks Company. The website looks very simple at first but as you scroll thru, there’s an endless amount indeed of sock yarn- happily including Hedgehog fibers/fibres. No deals here but I hope it ships out fast.

This is Danube. So beautiful 😻 I cut up the holographic paper label and used it in my skulls’ eye sockets! Thanks HHF.
For the butterflies! I’ve never used “Mercury” before.
I have to fill in 60 butterflies with something!

Feeling all smug about ordering the skein before I need it, I realized that I will likely need more than one Danube and the first shop to pop up with an ample supply of Danube was Eat Sleep Knit. I’ve ordered from them before though I don’t remember what it was or if I liked the arrival? I was just glad to have everything ordered and on the way…almost forgetting that I had placed a random order to SkeinCocaine after receiving a long newsletter about getting back to work, and wanting to support their comeback. When I wrote to see when to expect my yarn (nice, 100% Peruvian wool with lots of color), I did get a quick response that it is coming- it’s “a one woman operation” from Gina.
An operation I can respect and am happy to see return.
I’m having trouble with linking up so here are addies to look up the shops mentioned-

Thanks for looking at my blog,

It was the last available skein, hope it will look good as butterfly wings!
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