Flutter & Flurry

As you may have read, I was losing my mind waiting on yarn to finish that one canvas. At last, it arrived and worked out okay with Electric Rainbow and adding the finally got here Malabrigo Arco Iris washted yarn.

I love the feel of malabrigo yarn. So soft. The green, amber and hints of red worked ok with the Electric Rainbow yarn.
Both yarns here. The problem with Electric Rainbow is that it was same value as the aluminum . That made it hard to find the butterflies.
Here is the finished piece….in the shade as I am having a difficult time taking a picture of it because of so many reflections from the Mylar in the skull, the glitter papers and the aluminum butterflies. It‘s turned out to highlight all the greens in the two yarns.
Alisha probably hates me as I was (who me?) Totally irritated with every update with tracking my yarn and let her know. I have to rely on receiving orders in a timely or predictable span of time. I look forward to visiting this shop but won’t be ordering online from them. I feel if I pay shipping that my item needs to be sent out immediately and not sit around for 2-3 days. There are still shops that don’t charge for shipping. So, I will wait for that understanding “it’ll get here when it gets here”
(wool&company are one! I’m waiting on an order from them, now)
I do look forward to visiting here.
I also finished “Flurry” .
It’s been a bittersweet week. Dad’s back in hospital but had a fun visit with friends from out of town. The highlight will be Sunday, celebrating 34 years married to Scott 🎢❤️💫

Thanks for checking out my blog!

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