It’s Getting Hot in Here!

While I only like comfortably warm weather, I oddly am looking forward to a little more heat coming up. It’s expected to hit 100 degrees today. It’s going to boost the Solar heating which warms the pool. We do use the pool on the warmest days but it uncharacteristically isn’t a very hot Summer here with most days somewhere in the 80’s. That only warms the pool a little, so the promise of extra warmth in the pool is exciting.

The Beloved

Exciting ,as I am stuck waiting for yarn to be delivered. I don’t drive on freeways these days and unless I know exactly what I want, don’t trouble the husband to take me to a yarn shop- there are no yarn shops in Novato. The only way to get to one is to leave Novato and to get out of Novato, you have to drive on the freeway.

So, thought I would give a shop in the next town over a try and found their last skein of a yarn I need. It was days before they got around to putting the USPS label ($5 cost to me). I thought maybe once a label was on it that it would be arriving the next day (I am in the next town!) but no no no, my yarn is south of San Francisco. It passed right by my town and crossed the Golden Gate Bridge . It’s in the town where I went to High School ! It’s getting really hot in here now because I’m peeved. I’m betting my other yarn order (a shop in Chicago) that I ordered 2 days ago, will arrive before the Petaluma order does.

Abe waits with me for the yarn 🧶

I admit I turned to Amazon for a pdq yarn delivery, I should’ve checked the thickness but I was charmed by the look (and price) of it.

$17. For a lot of cotton yarn. I was attracted to the bright colors and May use this instead of the yarn I’m waiting for. My only issue with this Amazon yarn is it’s thicker than I like to use. It’s cotton and I do prefer natural fibers (feel best for my hands).

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