It Don’t Come Easy

Waiting on yarn again….I really need to get over the driving anxiety. Scott the good husband always volunteers to take me out but is it fair to interrupt him just so I can look at yarn? I am not happy with trying to visualize yarn on canvas- I need to touch and see it. For example, Electric Rainbow looked very bright and thinking it had more colors in it, I waited for it and began using it on my “Flutter” canvas and soon figured it isn’t quite enough color. Now, who would expect a yarn named “Electric Rainbow” wouldn’t be colorful enough? It is a beautiful ($$$) yarn but the areas of yellow-green blend into the greys and silver butterflies and so, I’m waiting on yarn again! I ordered 2 yarns and then realized the yarn I really shouldve gotten was MadelineTosh’s Pinata Pop. ARGH. It’s got more of the neon colors and black speckles I wanted and of course, it’s just as pricey as Electric Rainbow.

Crazy- the silk version is all my local shop has! $38 before taxes, handing & shipping.
It’s exactly what I want. Argh!

Already sorted thru so much yarn that I know I’ve used up what I had left. I’m also hoping one of the yarns I ordered will look nice on “Flurry”, the other Skull with Butterflies in this series. Here’s the series so far-

Top Left- “Flurry”, Right- “Green eyes &Butterflies”
Bottom left- “Grey Eyes & Butterflies, Right- “Flutter”
I dabbed yellow paint on these black and white threads for teeth. I don’t always have to order yarn, I improvise too.

The four canvases are each 20″x20″. There is a fifth canvas that I’m unhappy about but while I’m waiting on yarn, I’m trying to fix what bothers me about it.

I’m trying to work it out. ARGH.

I have several huge canvases and am thinking about using one for a grand butterflies canvas. I am also anxious to start doing more 10 inch portraits for the holidays, I’m thinking a comedian series. Who wouldn’t want Joan Rivers, Betty White, Robin Williams or Richard Pryor hanging out ? I stopped procrastinating (a little) and reordered a Seller’s Permit so, selling online is becoming inevitable for the small canvases- Easy to send a 10 inch thru the mail/parcel systems than the large ones. I still have most of my Lit Ladies at home and the Fabby Femmes adorn the wall/ website at Imagiknit in San Francisco.
In housewife life, we are still looking for a second doggy. A visit to the Humane Society didn’t do it. A visit from a man wanting to re-home his dog was very sad, that dog was bonded to the man’s wife who passed away last year….and the dog didn’t understand why he was brought to our house. He wouldn’t leave the guy’s side. It broke my heart. We brought Annie Sunshine Daydream to a pet fair and there was a puppy that loved our FMDGirl, but before we could agree on having to train the puppy, someone else swooped in and we lost out. Clear the Shelters is coming up next week, so maybe we’ll see a new friendly little boy dog (or puppy! Now, I want a puppy!) somewhere and bring him home.

Scott’s Sunflowers say “Hello There!”

That’s all the boring chatter I have this afternoon. It’s getting warm and since the yarn’s not here, I’m deeming this a swim day!

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