About Time

I saw somewhere that the Earth is spinning faster than it was. Hmmmm, somehow it still took over a week for my Madelinetosh yarn to arrive. I don’t think I am overly fussy since the yarn was on sale and the website said they had it in stock. It was a really long week but at last the lovely Electric Rainbow with hologram glitter is here and I can finish at least one of the canvases it’s destined for.

So beautiful 😻

No, Yes, I am buying the high end yarn way too often . Again, I had to turn to Hedge hog fibers and purchase a whole new skein of Spell just for a few more yards to finish one canvas. I already knew there’s nothing to match it with among my enormous collection of purple yarn.

It seems like an easy color to match but it’s two different shades of purple so entwined that a third shade is created. So, more freaking waiting!

The problem besides the high end price (worth it) is not being able to hop in my car and go grab it from a local yarn shop (there are no yarn stores in my town), so I have to find it online and deal with shipping and more waiting around. The price varies from website to website . Sad to say, I paid more than I wanted to but it will be here tomorrow because someone is selling it on Amazon.

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