Days of chocolate ice and vanilla cream.

It’s what one does as one waits for precious, precious yarn to be delivered…. No not just eating it but getting creative about making it.

Waiting on my Madelinetosh yarn “Electric Rainbow” with a glittering vibe to get here so I can finish this canvas.

I was inspired by the Wicked Slushes we had been trying out . It’s a chain of dessert spots that make slushes and add soft serve ice cream to slushes. You may remember my favorite stop for a frozen treat in San Francisco was Dandelion on Valencia and the treat was frozen hot chocolate.

Either Cocoa powder works just fine for chocolate ice.
I hate using the ice cream machine ! It’s good in a pinch but I am good with just using a ziplock bag.

You may also remember how I loved frozen hot chocolate so much that I scoped the internet until a perfect recipe for Chocolate Italian Ice was found and memorized . Then, sadly, you’ll recall how I had completely given up on doing anything in the new kitchen as my guy has claimed all of it for his “studio” since I claimed a former living dining combo room as my studio. My guy understands that a creative individual such as I, must be able to experiment a little. And since dessert is involved he’s letting me make my icy ice cream slushy messes while he tackles his garden.

Here’s the ingredients for chocolate ice: 5 cups of water. 1-2 cups of sugar. 1 cup of cocoa powder. It’s on you to decide how sweet you want the ice to be. There’s also going to be sugar in the ice cream. I bring these ingredients together until it boils and then I leave it to cool down to room temp.

After the mix has cooled down, I pour contents in to a large ziplock bag. I put the bag into my freezer. I visit the freezer after about an hour and give the bag a few squeezes to break up the ice. I do this every hour or so until the all the liquid is frozen and mushy.

A bag of squishy but sweet chocolate ice. Eat it as it is or wait until the vanilla ice cream is added- which is my thing!
Abe in the garden, intimidating trespassers.

After getting so frustrated with making ice cream in the machine, I tried making ice cream in a ziplock with ice already in it.

Ice cream recipe: 2 cups heavy/whipping

cream, 1 cup milk, about a cup of sugar- I use a little less because the ice is still sweet with some sugar. and use a great vanilla extract or paste. My guy always gets organic vanilla paste from a very chill ice cream shop also on Valencia Street named Xanath Ice Cream at 951 Valencia. Best prices, mom and pop shop.

I need to retry this step but since it’s all good, I’ll go forward- Again all ingredients got mixed together in a ziplock bag and then I added the frozen chocolate ice to the vanilla cream mix and put that bag back into the freezer, but now because the fat of the cream freezes quickly, I visit the freezer every half hour to give my bag a squeeze so it won’t turn into a big block of fat and ice.

It’s like ice cream but it’s light & CRUNCHY! Not overly sweet or creamy . Especially refreshing on a hot day.
Enjoy! It’s cold, sweet, crunchy and creamy!

Thanks for checking in!

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