Happy Sunday!

Just thought I’d come by and show you what I am working on and blah blah blah. First, I wish dog lovers a happy National Mutt Day. We have been looking at and visiting a bunch of dogs since our little Onyx passed away in Spring. Annie and Abe are still going strong but I long for another little boy dog. Sooner at later, I will find him.

Luca belongs to my daughter and Big smiling Derby belongs to my nephew. These happy dogs plus my sister in law’s Golden Lab, kept Annie Sunshine Daydream (my dog) company at a recent gathering.

So, here’s my new canvas that is part of my butterflies 🦋 series. That is a thin sheet of aluminum (not foil-thicker than foil) used for the larger butterflies. Somehow, I was able to stitch into the foil.


Of course, I had to treat myself to a super funky fun yarn for the background- I remembered I have a reward points at Madelinetosh yarn and checked around there and woohoo! A sale was going on as well! What would normally be a pricy 30 bucks a skein turned out to cost about $19. Nice! Until it arrives, I will stitch in the skull (I think I’ll use one of my white balls of Universe brand yarn). I still need to decide on colors and textures and directions and stitches for the rest of the canvas.

I had ordered more “Dopamine” from Madelinetosh a week ago but I didn’t pay attention to the size of the yarn . Here’s a picture to show the size difference between Fingerling (the size I usually prefer) and DK . DK is the thicker yarn

These are both Dopamine by Madelinetosh. The thicker is DK weight but just so you know, it will work with embroidery. Despite the weight difference, The colors match exactly.

Not sure how or if I decorate the aluminum butterflies. I could glue, stitch or paint on those wings. Come back soon and see what I do.


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