Hello! Back with bag of mystery yarn!

I’m back!

In celebration of my WordPress blog return, I ordered up one of these, just to have a fun reveal .

You know I love a mystery!

Even though the reviews are still horrendous for this item, I still went ahead and ordered. Last time, I received what might be a lifetime supply of black, white and pink acrylic mohair yarn.

Five lbs of yarn in a big box

At least it only took a day to arrive.

It didn’t fill the box
But, it was a lot of yarn!
Wait until I get it out of the bag.

The yarn is clean but not spooled or made into balls. Lots to untangle last time, but easy enough to roll into balls.

Already used some of the aqua. The Adriatic Sea was this very color last time we were there in 2013.
Lots of this Smokey beige. It matches my skin tone so that’ll be useful for faces and figures.
I’ll never need to buy this shade of blue . There’s quite a bit of it!

I know someone reading this is gonna be disappointed that was what I got for the money. I am not at all disappointed because I already did this and expected it would be sketchy . I am good with the colors and textures . I can always donate what I don’t use to the local Senior center for the crochet club or I could donate to a school or art program. But, really, I am already using the yarn.

Thanks for returning to my blog, cheers if it’s your first visit. I am back and lots of art is going on! Be back soon!

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