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As I have been stitching continuously since a very young age, it has felt strange not to have a current project. After my big “60 Shades Of Mother/Motherhood/Motherline ” (3 titles for 1 picture!)work on a 48’x36′ canvas, I took the month of May off. I worked very hard to clean up my home studio in preparation for the 2 Open Studio weekends.
Though I had not made any new art, I did have an exciting time checking up on the Artbox Venice Biennial which had my “Shulamit” on projector display.
There were opportunities to have artwork featured in a few projects put forth by Biafarin, an art service website that offers several competitions and chances to be exhibited online and in publications. . I entered ‘Motherline’ in 2 of these projects and am extremely excited to share that the canvas will be one of the featured artworks in the next issue of the art publication “Artistonish”. I’m unsure when the contemporary art magazine will be available, but you know that I’ll add the info here when I do!
But, that’s not all! ‘Motherline’ aka “60 Shades of Mother” selected to be showcased at Diversia – UN Calendar – June 2022 international online group exhibition.
While trying to NOT mess up my hands before my awesome daughter’s June wedding (such a beautiful bride she will be!), I donned a pair of gloves and started pouring concrete for my garden mandalas which are to encircle my Crystal Center. I intended to launch this project last Summer, but was chosen for the Sanchez 50 works in 50 days exhibit and mostly worked indoors on that. I am to have started even though 180 lbs of concrete mix only filled out only 5 of my mandala circles- I have plans to have 12 mandalas, so, maybe next Summer for the next 5 as I am happily anticipating adding mosaic designs on the mandalas as soon as we get past the Daughter’s big day!!!
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