Happy Mother’s Day!

Because I no longer PAY to blog here, I’m not able to share pictures as I’ve already maxed out the allotted space. I am getting notified that people are still looking for posts. Life is even busier than ever! My daughter is finally getting married- her original wedding date was postponed due to covid (it was for 2021) and now, it’s coming up!
Today is the last day for the Marin Open Studios tour. And it’s Mother’s Day and it’s windy and it’s drizzling and every few minutes, I must check outside that none of the canvases I’ve set up on the covered deck have sailed into the pool. Ah, yes- that pool is finally done! Solar fixed and we are looking forward to finally having friends over. We are plotting a few little swim parties after that wedding, right now…we’re all about the wedding – I lost some weight and found some dresses. Just gotta get the hair right and this mama is ready to be a mother-in-law!
This month is exciting for me – not for Open Studios which may not be worth the effort put forth here (We have COOKIES!) But, for being part of ARTBOX Venice’s Art display in Venice, Italy! I may have to PAY for photos here because I’m so thrilled to have my canvas projected. I have no true works in progress since half my supplies are tucked away to keep the studio Zen-like. I have to wait to see if I’m in 2022’s 50/50 show and if I am, I’ll be messing it all up again! If not, I return to my plan for last Summer which was to be mosaicing sitting circles in the garden by the Crystal area.
Cheers to anyone reading along. Have a Happy Day!!!

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