Hi There,

I’ve moved my blog to my art website because it’s easier to have everything on one site but there are weird quirks on that blog, so the info over there is short and to the point.

I see some readers have been coming by, so here I am to update.


I have skulls going out this week to San Francisco and to Town Center Gallery in Larkspur. These are in exhibits to promote the annual ArtSpan auction and to promote Marin Open Studios.

I am also still walking on air about having a piece being projected at Tana Galleria in Venice, Italy during the art Biennial there. Thanks to Artbox Venice for the opportunity.

The portraits are still on the walls at The Villas at Hamilton in Novato and in The Castro district at Imagiknit in San Francisco.

I finally did finish the huge canvas “Motherline or 60 shades of Jane”. Photos can be found on my Instagram and Facebook and my website.

In other news, we have been fostering Henry. This has kept us very busy as he is a young and super active lab heeler mix.

I did start online therapy with meds for my automobile anxiety but, after 10 days, my vision was super blurry and though I have been on a strict diet, found I was suddenly gaining back weight. So, quit all of that until Summertime, after my daughter’s big day. Even after only 10 days, I did feel so much less anxious in the car. Still haven’t driven anywhere since a few months ago.

There’s probably something’s I’m forgetting to mention, but check out the improved Facebook ART page for news!



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