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Hey There!
March is already interesting. I’m still plugging away on my “60 Janes” canvas. It’s far from being completed but I’m starting to like it again. There were a few days when I hated it and didn’t want to look at it but, got back into it. I really wanted to finish it by March 8th for International Women’s Day but my shoulder is sore. We’ll see.
I’ve been thinking of not renewing this WordPress blog. I already pay for my artist website where there is a space included blogging, though not as user-friendly as this one here. I’m up thru April. If you don’t find me here, I’m on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

Since the last blog, I started and then stopped the therapy for my driving anxiety. The counselor I laid it out to quit! The anti-anxiety meds they had me on messed up my vision. I will say that the anxiety from driving and being a passenger DID diminish!
I’m trying something else for a while and that is fasting and amping up my nutrition. I was told it could help from a number of friends and fasting really has accelerated weight loss. I’m down a few lbs a week since fasting or intermittent fasting. I’m glued to Dr. Eric Berg’s YouTube videos including the ones on nutrition and anxiety. I fast for 16-20 hours a day, followed by a 4-5 hour window where I have a meal and healthy snack. I take unfortified nutritional yeast and add potassium citrate to one glass of water to make sure I’m keeping up with vitamins and not losing too much water. I feel good but for the shoulder- probably tweaked it tossing strands of crystals into the trees! This is it for now! Thanks for checking out the blog.
PS- I entered a thing! I’m sorry it’s a “vote in” deal, but it would be so much fun to have the money just for my projects. This thing starts Tuesday.
Wish me luck!

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