Twos Day!

Are you enjoying all the Twosday fun?
Well, it’s been a good week around here. The pool is almost ready to put water in. The Pool Guys have been here all week cleaning it out, resurfacing, we gained a slightly bigger and deeper pool because so much was cleaned out. Best of it, we have a stair!!! We didn’t have stairs or ladders before. At 60plus years of age, stairs are needed! It’s unsafe to not be able to get out of the pool quickly. It’s also not a pretty sight to have to drag oneself out, one leg at a time- and end up flattened on the concrete. OY! I will be sure to upload the video of the guys spraying fiberglass all around. A year ago, I couldn’t look at the messed-up pool without crying. Our outside space is just as important as our indoor space. We want to use the outdoors as our leading entertainment and social area – my studio takes the place of a living/dining room, there’s just the little family area by the kitchen. We ended up on a waiting list for 10 months – no pool, if you recall the portable spa was purchased and set up for some relief but no swimming in the pool happened since October 2020. I’m grateful everything is now working out and the husband is starting to look forward to showing the redone pool as we celebrate his 65th (ooo)birthday next month. It could be too cold to swim but it will be an attractive centerpiece for the lower yard. My crystals are in the middle of the yard and the Disco Deck is at the very back of the yard, were the terrain is steep but the view of San Pablo Bay is clear.

In other news, I started my online therapy for my driving issues. I was happy to find it’s covered with my insurance. I know a couple of people who said it really turned things around for them and I see them getting out and around without anxiety. I’ll let you know how it goes but it’s just the beginning.
I’m still embroidering 60 shades of Jane. I just have to finish the last 6 Janes (so hard to find 60 different skin tones in yarn) I’m also working on patching the ladies onto the big canvas. It’s a bit awkward as it’s been a long time since I worked on such a large canvas and I have to stitch into some gaps that don’t work with the length of my arm and being older, my back isn’t good about being stretched into weird positions to get a needle to land in a weird spot. I should’ve planned better, but was feeling led to start immediately, as I did.

The first day after the pool guys were here, Abe thinks it’s his playground!
We call the big covered green deck the “Party Deck” and the small deck way back is referred to as the “Disco Deck” because that big oval on it lights up. We kept Abe inside while all that was happening and until this morning. He is the only one unhappy to see the pool redone.
“Just a little sweetness, just a little light”. I’ve added lots more crystals to the trees. The trees sparkle all day but they’re too high to get a good video of, I’ll keep trying.

I’m wishing you a bright 2-22-2022 evening. I thank you for coming to my blog. Maybe The Janes will all be set next week? I have so many ideas to play with for the yard!
Before I close this blog off, A good friend chose to use my artwork for his song’s image. Check that out @

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