Happy Valentines Day

Embroidered heart on glass bead gel & acrylic paints with Milagros.
There’s still time to create a valentine on canvas using paper and yarn. The easiest project takes only 2-3 hours to make. My book has easy to create and build on Heart projects. And it’s on sale all of February since it’s National Embroidery Month!

I have been on another Spender Bender this week. There is yarn coming but mostly, I was purchasing a floor lamp, 3 matching tablecloths for the 3 tables in my studio. I need to really clean it up and have it look sharp for Open Studios and whenever we have guests over. And there will be friends! The pool team is here now and working on putting it back together in time for Spring. The pool has been drained since January 2021 and Summer 21 was somewhat depressing after being so excited that maybe Covid-19 would end and the pool fun with friends would begin. Not the case! The best thing about last summer was that it wasn’t as blazing hot every day as it was when we moved here in Summer 2020. Okay, getting ahead of myself! I also signed up for therapy for my driving anxiety as it has been getting worse. A family member who had the same affliction, but now drives everywhere promises that this can be overcome. I am so ready to get past this and start exploring my new region. I’m very interested in an art gallery on the coast but would have to be able to drive myself there and back to fulfill the gallery sitting requirement. Mostly, I’m just OVER being anxious, even thinking about being in any car.
My current work in progress is coming along nicely. I have 48 Jane Faces on the canvas and stitching them in. Waiting on new yarn to finish the rest of the faces.

Stitching the first patch together on canvas, adding embellishments as I go.
This will be the final canvas for the 60 shades of Jane. Before I painted it all red, I had some fun. It did feel great to paint these doodle faces. I think I will try to paint more often before all my paints dry out.
All the Janes are the same image to start with. Each Jane ends up with its face somewhat altered from the stitching and where the needle impacts the stitch. I’m using yarns, fibers, and threads of varied thickness and that changes the features. It creates an array of moods for the Janes.
I think this was last Thursday? Today, I’ve got 48/60 on this 48″x36″ canvas.

Thank you so much for coming to see the blog! My art is still up at Imaginknit on 18th Street in San Francisco. There’s the Canvas at Marin MOCA and also, the series of authors is up at Novato’s The Villas at Hamilton Senior Center. I had a sweet drop off there, the folks that saw my canvases were so kind and said nice things to me about them.
Cheers! I hope you reading this is having a memorable and loving day!

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