What is Art For?

January moved faster than I expected! How is it almost February? When “they,” say that time goes faster as one ages, believe it, so true!
As January closes up, I’m gearing up for February. “Muse, Inspire, Reflect” is to be delivered to Marin Museum of Contemporary Art for the annual member exhibit called
“What is Art For?”
Already, the Opening reception is sold out, but more information on what the exhibit is about can be viewed at: https://marinmoca.org/exhibitions/event/145/

Also, just as I was wondering should I reach out to a local library or bookstore to display my Lit Ladies (or some of them), the opportunity to hang them up at The Villas was presented. I jumped speedily sent in my photos and info to be approved. And so, my lovely Ladies of Literature will be displayed there Feb-April 2022.
Info on The Villas, which is just a few blocks from the museum. These historic buildings were originally Officers Quarters in the early 1930s. Historically renovated buildings provide housing to those 55 and over.
I don’t have much else coming up in February. I’m still researching how and where to sell the smaller canvases I’ve been making. Etsy? AmazonHandmade? Shopify? Here on my blog? My website can also be monetized. I just need to decide. Friends like Etsy, but I already have an Author’s page up at Amazon, and Amazon deals with shipping, (I’d just have to drop the canvas off at my local postal annex). I had hopes my husband would help out, but I have to decide. Maybe I will try ALL of it?
Okay, let’s move on to yarn talk. After using the Hobbii yarns, I need to tell you that the acrylic Colorina has beautiful color but not strong for acrylic. I don’t know how knitters work with it but, stitching embroidery style with it wasn’t easy because the yarn often broke from the steel needle pulling on it. It’s usable but I don’t think I will be reordering it from them.
I was curious about another low-priced yarn that I’ve seen repeatedly on Amazon. It’s called “JubileeYarn” and it’s from a bigger company called BambooMN.
Here’s the website if you want to avoid going thru Amazon Prime.
Looking back a few years, I had used yarn from them before. It was a blend of cotton and bamboo and it was brightly colored, durable, and not too thick to thread on a needle (I use European Darners by Dritz).
What I appreciated when I ordered from the website was the map they provide to show you how long it will take to get from Minnesota to your state. I have a 4-day wait and since I ordered late Friday night, it will be a few more days than 4. The post office says Friday (It’s only a day away!). I’ll show it to you in the next blog.
Work in progress
I think I mentioned that I was longing to work on a larger canvas? I have started working on something called 60 shades of Jane. Right now, I’m stitching 60 Janes, same face but in different colors. I’m still making decisions about what else I feel right about adding to the canvas. I’m hoping some of the yarn ordered from BambooMN will help me imagine how to bring the Janes together.
My Rainbow Crystal meditation area, I so need a name for it!, is so beautiful in the winter months. The bare tree branches allow so much more light to hit the crystal that it is mood liftingly colorful. I am working on the tree branches now, while still bare for added sparkles. It’s fun and easy, Half stringing crystals on floral wire, making sure each end has a crystal and beads to weigh the wire into place. The most fun is flinging a strand up into the tree. Not all the strands land well. A few have ended up in the neighbor’s yard as sometimes my aim is too forceful. It’s so satisfying to see sparkles also now appearing in the trees. Not easy to take pictures of yet, maybe they’ll be shinier during the Summer. I can’t wait to find out. Of course, with time passing so quickly, it won’t be long!

Cheers! Thanks for coming by the blog.

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