A few spare minutes

After living, breathing, and stitching a few waves of portrait series, it has been unclear what to start next. I had been longing to do one of my own “out of my head, into my Sharpie” style of faces…and so, I did.

various points of completion.

After working so hard to ensure my portraits would somewhat, at least, resemble the subjects, I felt a little guilty pleasure in completing “PinkHaired Gal”. She could just be what I wanted. But, now, I want to do something larger as I have those 3 huge unused canvases in the guest room.
In an effort to trigger some sort of spark, I dragged one canvas that had survived a bunch of sketching and a little stitching ( stitches are removed, but the tracks of stitching remained). I brought that canvas outside and thought I’d play around with my alcohol inks. If you have not played with alcohol ink and if you like dripping, you need to play. I am still teaching myself how to YouTube. Here are a couple of videos of playing with the inks.
There are better vids out there to show you how Alcohol Ink works.
Once the alcohol ink dried, I decided that I wasn’t wanting to use my big canvas for an abstract alcohol ink painting. I could continue to add layers until it got to a point where I might’ve enjoyed hanging it up but, nope. This is now gonna be a big strange embroidery. I have the visual in mind. It’s strange to see it in my mind but not understanding the meaning for it. It will take about month to complete based on the size of the canvas and all the “things” that will go onto it. Dontcha love a mystery?
I have news and will be back soon to share it.
Always Thank you for checking in on my blog.

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