Almost Christmas


Merry Christmas to all who celebrate or (like me) enjoy the season!
I managed to escape from my jammies and climb up to check on the crystal meditation area. I will have to give the thing a shorter name in the new year. Rainbow Crystal Meditation Area is a little wordy. While I plan to pop up a few new crystals up there today- The rain is stopped, and the sun is out. Conditions to see rays of color are good. All the rain washed the crystals clean, and the sun was bright! I associate colors with a friend’s persona. Jack was calm as water and knew the sky as a pilot. I think of him when the coolest blues pop out. Sometimes I think of someone before their color shines. I know it’s science but, it keeps our secret (aka, in my mind) conversations flowing. It’s a therapy for loss. I hope to see all the colors today.

Well, this isn’t the topic I meant to write about! I’m here to share the idea of the new series of portrait embroideries and review my Hobbii yarn experience.
I hated to buy something only seen on social media, but Hobbii kept blasting the internet with low prices and Holiday bargains, and I still have money. Hence, a virtual trip into their website is in English though the company is in Denmark.
I hunted for lace and fingering weight, but they have “Fine.”
Let me see if I can get the video over here. Unfortunately, it only shows the yarn as I have to learn how to do the voice-over. So many things on 2022’s To-Do list.

I can’t seem to mute this?

First, they have a flat rate of $7.99 for shipping. If you purchase $75. of products, then it’s free shipping. They shipped the bag of yarn to me via FedEx. The delivery was scheduled to arrive between 6-12 days. I was warned of a delay, but the package got here 5 days after shipped. Yay for that, but the bag was flimsy & had a rip. Boo!
As you see in the video, the yarn is lovely. I like how thin it is. Even the chunkier Colorina Balls are thin yarn. Maybe not great for some needlecrafts but fantastic for fitting my needles. I’ve already used some of the “Diablo Wild Print” mohair on my work in progress. Happy to report that the strands are solid, and the fiber doesn’t break easily. The Metallico Fine balls remind me of other yarns that I liked and used before- Paton’s Metallic collection (discontinued!) and Air Lux by Katia. The Hobbii yarn is shiny but thinner strands, and it was fun to get balls of it for such a low cost. The balls of Colorina that mimic the Zauberball style are excellent. Not the same feel as Zauberballs, but maybe because of the amount of acrylic mixed in (80%).
Hobbii also signed me into a rewards program, but one would need to purchase a ton of yarn before redeeming anything an embroidered would find helpful. A free pack of plastic needles and candy were included, and also more fun offers and ways to get points & merch for posting the yarn reveals. OF COURSE, as soon as the excellent bargain yarn arrived, the ads for an even bigger sale in Jan. 2022.

In other news, I’m continuing on with portraits. My next 8 10″x10″s are to be female authors. I’m working on Virginia Woolf today. Here are a few finished canvases.

Jane Austen
only sketches and amateur paintings of this popular writer are available. I interpreted this from what’s available.
Anne Rice on black acrylic paint with a gold color angel charm on her black mohair turtleneck.

Did I tell you that I’m completely signed up for Open Studios? That comes around in Spring and it means (if there’s no protocols) that art loving strangers may come by and check out my art. I am scared and excited at the same time. More thoughts on what’s coming in 2022 in a future post. Basically, I’m going to be learning a lot of new tricks.
Thanks for coming by the blog! May all your holiday dreams come true!

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