Pajama Daze

The top of street overlooks a mass of land preserves.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!
I’m not Christian but half of my family is. Mostly, we are blended, not extremely religious but ready always to celebrate and be joyful. No plans at all this week for partying. There is yet more virus and concerns returning for my vulnerable family members (Will I ever see my NYC kid again?) and for my other kid who works in a busy hospital. This puts a crimp in the job search for the 3rd kid.
Well, I’m taking today off from stressing out over things I can’t control. It’s pajama day. I’m not seeing a reason to get dressed like a regular person. It’s still murky outside, so I’m not even tempted to walk Annie Sunshine to the top of the block, where the view of all the forested hills is so inspiring. It almost makes up for the lack of craft/yarn/art supply shops. Almost. Looks like we’re going to get a load of rainy days ahead, this is the first of likely, several pajama days. It’s a time that I really appreciate my mug warmer and my premium YouTube subscription. It’s a pleasure to not have songs, Ted Talks, and history shows (I’m so dull!) interrupted by commercials and messing up me being in my stitchy meditative mode.
Speaking of stitching, I am still spending like I may never see another dime! I’m trying to stick to ordering from independent yarn shops and stumbled into a variegated yarn dreamland at BrediculousYarns. I originally saw “Unicorn Barf” on Pinterest (look for me- irenie_artworks ). It’s pretty and I’ve already used half of it on one of my small canvases.

Arrived earlier than expected. Brighter than how it looked. Yes, it’s a mini skein for $5.60
Universe by Universal Yarn Skull with Unicorn Barf yarn background.

Once I felt well-stocked with mini skeins, I was ready for other ways to spend more money 💰. My defenses were low and after working so hard to not click any Facebook links on yarn deals, I couldn’t help myself and clicked into Hobbii yarn.

Hobbii yarn is located in Copenhagen, Denmark (where the little mermaid lives). I had quite a lot of fun looking around at the endless amount of yarn. The discounts were huge and I bought whole skeins at mini skein prices. I spent twice as much as I planned to because of the prices for the amount of yarn. I didn’t get crazy enough to order enough for free postage but the discounts offset the $ 7.99 shipping price. They have a reward system and I managed to rack up over 800 points. I’m only 200 points from being able to claim a pack of needles. I’m not sure when the yarn will arrive but, you know I will show you when it does.

More purchases were for supplies as I am somewhat closer to opening an online shop (all those little canvases are so easy to mail ). The idea is that I can get the husband (all his years in retail) to work it, while I have a pajama day year and just embroider away all day long. If we don’t do an online thing, I can offer these littles for sale when I have my open studio event in the spring. I also have some more 10” Notable Femmes planned (authors!!!) for embroidering.

The little canvas skull collection is growing!

Still another art walk coming up!

I still have portraits for sale in San Francisco at Imagiknit on 18th street in the Castro district and “Linda Linda” on Third Street in San Rafael at Art Works Downtown.

Until I blog again! Wishing a mighty great week or two to all reading this!



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