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Hello There!
I’m enjoying the comfiness of November’s chill. The cooler air and dampishness remain a novelty. I’ve transitioned from Scott’s pajamas into sweat pants as it’s gotten a little cooler. Enough about the weather, let me show you my commission money purchases because YARN.
I went straight to my favorite -San Francisco Yarn shop- https://imagiknit.com/ and saw a huge discount on one of my very favorite- constantly reordered yarn- Universe by Universal! Only $6.50 ( It once was about $11) a ball (246 yards/225 meters).

I loaded up on this yarn. 42% Linen, 41% Combed Cotton, 9% Glitter, 8% Polymide. It’s bumpy but so thin, it’s never caused any problems with stitching.

I then, went in search of unicorn yarn tails/horns or in other words, mini-skeins. Last year, I went crazzzzzy ordering pricy mystery bags and I completely intend on repeating that move. The problem was, no special glittering unicorn tail yarn mystery bags were being offered! I found some mini skeins at https://www.jimmybeanswool.com/knitting/yarn/Madelinetosh/UnicornTails.asp?showLarge=true . I chose several to use on my current project. I know you want to see! The mini skeins with glittery threads were not found but here’s what I did order. While I admire Jimmy Beans enormous yarn supply online shop, they take a longer than expected period to get the order ready. It was apparently 4 days before my order left the warehouse. The smaller shops like Imaginknit have proved to ship yarn out almost as soon as the order is confirmed…but on to the beautiful yarn!

My craving for mystery and anticipation was not quelled by this one pricy order. I ended up tearing thru Etsy and found a new vender with assorted mystery bags of mini skeins!!! You must wait until it arrives and we shall then both see how that goes!
Next, a few more portraits and my current project.

“Bella Sophia”
Sophia Loren
Embroidery on marbelized fabric
“For there is always light”
Amanda Gorman
The previously mentioned Universe yarn used on this.

Here’s my current project. Not a skull, not a vintage beauty or portrait, back to my old freeform way.
She’s a work in progress!

So, there’s the update! I wish everyone reading this a very lovely Thanksgiving. There is much to be very grateful for.
Thanks for reading my blog!
P.S. I am working on essays for podcast and getting my youtube channel together- so many trolls but, I’m carrying on with it…

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