Cozy Studio Days

Hello! The summer here in Novato seemed to start in March and ended right before Halloween. It’s been sunny, warm, and hot all these months so, allow me to enjoy a few days of this nasty, dreary, grey, wet, and cold weather. I LOVE that I don’t have to be anywhere for a while and am living in my husband’s pajama bottoms and my paint dripped on Mexican peasant top. This is me at home. Know that I’m making consistent use of that mug warmer I gifted myself with last birthday. Warm beverage of choice: coffee with a generous spill of half & half. Nanowrimo is on the back burner now as I work on an incoming commission and decide how to spend my small wave of art money…join another local art gallery? Sign up for Marin Open Studios? Update my supplies and materials? Should I have merchandise made up from my designs to sell? So filled with ideas on spending, short on the energy and confidence I’m in need of.
I am still moving my studio furniture and canvases back into place. In doing so, I ended up starting to paint on stuff. You might recall that the only new item in my studio is the computer chair that I’m sitting on right now. Even the desktop computer I use in my studio, originally belonged to my mother. So, painting the old stuff is entertaining and if I don’t like it, I’ll just keep painting over it.

Having worked on many little portraits since Summer, it felt GREAT to go back to my own weird style. Artist Nathalie Fabri has posted so many of her in-progress paintings, I was inspired to lighten up that old bookcase. Today, I’m working on a little side table, just painting it red. no design.
Here’s the Princess, Rebel, General,
Another from my portrait series of femmes.
Nancy Kwan
Rain Dog
Abe doesnt mind dark, cold & wet days.

It’s just a nice mellow week over here. May you also enjoy some mellowness this week.
Always, thanks for visiting my blog.

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