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I can’t believe how quickly October went by!

I spent the first few weeks trying to plan a fiesta only to spend another week trying to cancel that fiesta! After a long scary drought, Novato received a weekend of rain. The atmospheric river of rain due exactly when I planned our outdoor fiesta! Outside because most of my friends are complying with Covid 19 restrictions. Today is November 1st, it’s raining again but where I live, masks are no longer required inside businesses! I have not ever been in a store in Novato without a mask. Maybe, I will enjoy shopping again? Sadly, no shops here except the one and only bookstore appeal to me. How are there no craft, yarn or art supply shop in a town this size?

October had some fine art experiences for me. The 50/50 exhibit was a success for me. Aside from selling many panels, embroidering portraits of known people was something new for me though, I had thought about it from time to time. For most of the month, I worked on a few commissions of portraits. Still finding portraits interesting, I’ve taken up a little series of series of portraits. The first mini series were from photos of vintage beauties and then onto a series of ten inch memorable women. Wanna see?

Elizabeth II
Anais Nin
Two Tina Turners

Then, more vintage ladies.

I interrupted my portrait streak with this crazy little skull . I really love and feel connected to skulls -especially on this day!

We did go to the Skull & Roses reception, it was nice to wander around what’s called San Rafael‘s art district and be part of Art Works Downtown. I am proud to let you know that my portrait below, will be on exhibit later this month thru January 2022.

Linda Linda- to be displayed in the small world show, at Art Works Downtown
Juried by Jack Fischer

This week includes the reception at Mission Bowling Club for the art I’ve had up there since September

Here’s the info

I need to return to my Dia de Muertos altar and sadly, add more names. This 2021 was a long year with almost everyone I know, grieving from a loss. Here’s what’s put up, so far.

I ended up being quite busy somewhere in the middle of October but thrilled to hear that a little skull was sold via the The Naked Truth about Art

Cheers to the oncoming holidaze! I am participating in Nanowrimo aka National November writing month in which we attempt to write 50,000 words – enough for a novel. I am not writing a novel but plan on using the time to write out artful essays that I can play as podcasts here.

Promising to be back in a week! Thanks for checking in on this blog.

Yummy new yarn from The Loopy Ewe and Sharyl in Colorado! I used some of the variegated yarn in both of my Tina Turner portraits.
DDM 2021

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