A September to Remember

Happy Autumn Readers!

Is it Fall where you are? It’s cooler and more smoke free than last year was about now. I have been trying to get my studio back together after the 50 Femme frenzy. I see now that I did go thru a quantity of my stash of materials. My Sanchez Art Center Femmes are selling so, soon I can look forward to a mini shopping spree. I really miss my SFMission district shopping adventures and also, Imaginknit yarn store in the Castro district. Annnd, you all know how much I love a “mystery box” of yarn/thread…I may be treating myself to another one.

I am not unproductive this month, I finished 2 crib quilts and 4 hats- all gifted out. I have done some more vintage portraits, a few I have entered to be juried into an upcoming show. I hope I made the right choice in which canvases I sent in? A few vintage ladies were made for friends and right now, I’m about to begin a 4 portrait canvas commission for someone in San Francisco.

Last Saturday, it was my turn to gallery sit at the Sanchez Art Center. It was amazing to see how much art had been purchased. It looked to me as though every display of 50 had red dots (SOLD TAG) or had an empty space where a panel had been. In this show, buyers may take purchased art home at point of sale. Usually, buyers return for art at the end of the exhibition. The Art Center was buzzing with viewers and my task was donning a pair of gloves, removing freshly purchased art from a display and wrapping it up. I was thrilled to meet one of my new favorite local artists, Surabhi Dhandia who came by to check on her paintings. She’s as lovely as her oil paintings and if you love oil landscapes, you need to see her work. https://surabhidhandia.myportfolio.com/
Fabulous, right?
On the way to gallery sit, we went by http://artworksdowntown.org/ to drop off “Aunties”, which will be displayed there through Dia de Muertos. The Art Works building is huge but the gallery where Aunties will be, is street level and very nice.

September has been filled with celebrations. Aside from the usual milestones like my dad’s, my mom’s and my younger son’s birthdays, we had a few extra special events.
My big handsome, fun and wonderful brother in law Ross passed away in July but it was a warm, breezy September afternoon when we gathered at his friend’s large property to remember him. It was a sweet luncheon with all of his friends and adult family members.

Father of the bride,Ross with family, Resting in the Italian countryside before the wedding. 2019

A bittersweet reunion for the folks who we met at our niece’s wedding in Rome in 2019. We had all agreed to return to the villa on the 5th anniversary. It will not feel right without the father of the bride. We will see.
It was just about a week after gathering for Ross that, we received news that my little brother and his fiance had their first baby! I’m an auntie again! Welcome vibes to my newest youngest neffers! I’m the proud auntie of 4 nieces, 2 grand nieces and now, 6 nephews.
There was an additional addition to crazy September! My daughter and her fiance adopted Luca, a corgi from Korea. The three came by and slept over much to the delight of our Taiwan dog, Annie Sunshine Daydream!

Meet Luca, the Corgi from Korea. He’s a cute little firecracker!

Lots of events coming up next month. I still have 5 canvases up at Mission Bowling Cub in the SF Mission. The reception will be in November.
Always, always thanks for coming by this old blog. I had some problems with posting photos. Some are posted below because I couldn’t set them where I wanted to set them.

The red dots and empty spaces indicate that the panel was sold. Some will be picked up later, but buyers are able to take purchases home as soon as they buy. It’s a lot easier on the staff to NOT have to release over 2,000 panels to buyers when the show ends.
Selfie at Sanchez!
One of my vintage babes, Linda Linda
On sale everywhere!
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