Art Works Downtown San Rafael!

Hey There Embroidery friends,

First off, I feel badly for not making it to the preview weekend events for the Sanchez Art Center’s 50/50 exhibit. I have heard that it was quite a success despite Covid concerns. I’ve heard some of my 50 Femmes were purchased. YAY YAY!! Happy for any sales, of course, but also inspired to learn the new for me- portrait embroidery, is well received. I always preferred sketching out faces from my imagination. The embroidered portraits are stitched from photographs. It would be and is, boring to try and make an exact copy of a photo so, I just put the most defining lines (enough so, you see it’s identity) then, design the rest on my whim.

I completely altered, filtered, dreamscoped my own face (removing creases & spots, trimming my jowls & other tricks) and on computer to create this embroidery “Starry Eyes”.

Now, in other news, I’m looking forward to October 8th as that’s San Rafael’s Art Walk (5PM-8PM) . My canvas “Aunties” is going to be in the Skull & Roses Exhibit at Art Works Downtown (4th street) on that day. I’ll post more as the time draws near.
Also, The Naked Truth party Exhibit (I’m one of the Naked, oh my!) is coming up and I do intend on being at that party because it’s gonna be packed with the most fun, enchanting SF artists.

Do you find it hard to think that Summer 21 is nearly over? This is our 2nd Summer in the new house. I am sad about not having ANY art supply, Fabric/quilt or Yarn shops in this place. I guess I’m lucky for so many delivery services but it’s not at all the same as hunting for something to be inspired from. I do save money just ordering what I need. So, there’s that. I know I must work on my driving anxieties soon because I keep hearing that the next town over, Petaluma (12 miles) does have a few independent supply shops and beyond there is Santa Rosa with even more shops. I just need to be able to drive on the highway. ugh, well life goals.

Thanks for coming by the blog! Have a great week!

My pic is under the “The” lol.
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