Installing 50 Femmes/ postcards from the Hanging!

Wow! It’s done! The embroidering of 50 six inch female faces seemed so much easier than having to hang them up in a perfect grid. Scott was always going to drive me to Pacifica as I still haven’t sought treatment for the driving anxiety that gets worse and worse. For the hanging, I was instructed to bring a step ladder, a hammer and a level. As soon as I asked where to look for these items, Scott brightly volunteered to find them and told me he might like to help.
Once we schlepped all into the Sanchez Art Center’s lobby and checked in, I received my art postcards and drew a number from a gold fish bowl. The number was to be my section to hang the panels. I see this is a fair way to assign spots but I was a little concerned about being between another series of faces (there are a few). The Art Center was a public school and the building is laid out with long hallways. The classes appear to be studios – I don’t know anyone with a studio in there, I could be wrong.
My spot is down a long long hallway. Just a door on the left and the artist on my right side, hadn’t been around to put up art yet- so, maybe, i will be next to more faces or embroidery. I’m not worried as I’m truly so proud to be in this hall as the art that was being installed was exquisite!! I wanted to take pictures but Scott was along and wanted to get right to the hanging.

Help on the way!

The center had butcher paper with grids and a volunteer explained how to work it. Scott did it all! Yay!

Bottom row first!
Handy dandy level keeping things straight.
Hi Girls! May you all find a nice home.

We were told that it would take hours to install but it really took about an hour. The artist down the hall borrowed a tool to fix one of her pieces and we strolled around to look at all the artwork which had been installed and I wished I had the money to buy all the art I loved. There is really so much yummy stuff and its all more affordable than you may expect, most work priced between $45-$150 . All that is left to do is attend the preview party and do a gallery sitting.

I also have 5 canvases over at Mission Bowling Club. As soon as I have a photo, I will share!

I better get going because I have a baby nephew’s quilt to sew and other embroidering (portrait series coming soon! ). Golly, it’s almost Skull season and I have to get to work on all my DDM projects!

Thanks always for checking out this old blog!

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