50/50 2021- DONE!

Hello Hello!
I’m happily letting you know that I have finished the 50 (small) works of art (embroideries of faces) in 50 days! All are on the panels, dated, titled and signed. I’m just waiting on stickers (my contact info & image of Shulamit). These stickers will be centered on the back, I didn’t want to glue a business card to each one (fear of glue getting all over).
What’s left to do is to print out a bio and statement, schlep down to Pacifica to hang them up- ugh, bringing a level, step stool and a hammer. Oh and invite everyone I know to the preview party.


Hmmm, I hope that all came out aligned? Obviously, not known for my computer skills.
Here comes the parade of pictures taken in the course of the last 50 days.

Here is the first of fifty. It’s a layer of fabric and my design on paper, on top of a 10×10 inch stretched canvas. This is pretty much how most of the fifty were constructed.

Where I worked on the embroidery. My crazy pets hanging out with me, listening mostly to youtube everyday for hours! I listened to Ted talks, History lectures and of course, music- discovered a few musicians I hadn’t heard of before – very exciting. A friend of my husband is a numerologist and did a reading (or whatever they call it for a numerology?) for me. Interesting/ entertaining, so, listened to a bunch of numerology reports. Fifty days of 5-8 hours sitting can get a little bit dull without anything to listen to.

A tradition after the fifth or so piece, was to take the piece outdoors and to see it from a distance.
The time came to place the embroideries on the panels. First, I had to cut the canvas off the stretcher bars/wooden support. I used this 6″x6″ clear grid to mark where the face was so I wouldn’t trim too close and ruin the square.
They all looked so good on the larger canvases, I hated trimming them down. The process of getting them off the stretched canvas and onto the panels turned out to be less complicated than I thought. I’m grateful for that!
Tacky glue, dollar store clamps and 1/2″ gaffer tape to keep the embroidery attached.
Assigning titles to each piece.
Here we are!! 50 Fabulous Femme Faces- including my new life path symbol- The Empress!

I have more thoughts to share on this project but, will get into them next time. I’m off now, to prep some more canvases for (NEXT WEEK) the upcoming exhibit at Mission Bowling Club!

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