Keeping up 50/50

Happy July!

If you’ve been into my blog, then you know that I’m enmeshed in the creating 50 pieces of art in 50 days for the Sanchez Art Center’s 13th Annual 50/50 art exhibit. I’m happy to inform you that I’m keeping up! Here’s the first week plus one from today.

My application had me describe my plans in only 9 words. What I wrote was that I’d be stitching faces and would use a variety of materials – You can see thes first ones are stitched on top of paper or fabric. These aren’t finished quite yet. I still need to get them onto 6×6 inch panels, That will wait as I may be adding some embellishments later. Now, I’m busy designing faces and determining color and patterns. Determining a color palette is one of the keys to making all the squares look like they belong together when they are hung up as one big piece. I’m going for bright and a little sparkly. I do want to make a bit of an impact across what will be (we hope!) a massively crowded artist reception. Word is that the Sanchez 50/50 parties are super fun. Guess we’ll have to wait until September or October to find out.
I also went back and forth deciding whether to go for portrait mode or just use my cartoony doodles…I have decided for right now, that I am including both.
I’m going to have to figure out what to call this body of faces. I know the answers will come to me as I am stitching so, I better get back to work!!!
Thanks for checking out my blog. I’ll be back soon!

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