Here Comes Summer 50 small works!

Hello Hello!!!
So, Summer is nearly here and I’m excited. After 4 or 5 attempts, I am finally included in Sanchez Art Center of Pacifica, California’s 13th Annual 50/50 exhibit. The 50/50 show challenges over 50 artists to create and complete 50 individual artworks of 6×6 inches. That’s what I’ll be doing ALL Summer and I can’t wait to start….but, I am unable to start until after “pick up day”. Pick up day means heading to Pacifica (it’s a beautiful but chilly beach town on the San Francisco Peninsula). I’ll be picking up 50 panels to mount the 50 small artworks onto. A few days after that, the 50 days commence. For now, I’m thinking about how to do this. Which mediums, fabrics, paper and embellishments to bring in (I promised all of these when describing my pieces). I’m working with faces (not skulls, Surprise!). I’m deciding what sort of faces to do. I showed the jurist my fantastical lady faces, also my more simple faces…I just have to decide for myself what would be more impactful on a wall, seen from across a crowded room. It’s going to be a crowd too! There are over 50 artists juried in by Shannon Trimble of Anglim/Trimble Gallery, San Francisco, from among 187 entries to the 50|50 Show. Imagine 50 plus artists with 50 pieces each and all our guests and art lovers and woooooo, that’s set to happen at the highly anticipated Preview party that will launch the show.
In other news, life is good. We still don’t have any answers to our swimming pool issues but with extreme drought conditions here in Main County, we can’t refill it anyhow. I did beg the husband to buy an alternative wet spot for what is likely going to be a dangerously hot Summer & Fall.

TA DAH! How do you like my inflatable “hot tub”?? I have used it a few times and it heats up not so fast, but I don’t need it hot, just not ice cold. The jets are fun and while it doesnt seem like there’s much water, the jets push it all over. I can see myself keeping pretty cool on the hottest days.
Tomorrow our state officially opens up. A few friends have already travelled by to see the house and go on an adventure or two. Found out we are minutes away from the coastal stop of Point Reyes Station.

There’s a road (not a highway!!) that cuts thru West Marin from my town. Our friends also made sure we didn’t miss out on Pioneer Tree Trail in Samuel Taylor State Park or a visit down to Pt. Reyes Beach North. Terribly dangerous for swimming but so peaceful (we were the only people there!).

Pioneer Trail Trail in Lagunitas, California.

I will return when the challenge is underway. I guess I should log out and start prepping for all the art I will soon be on!

As always, thanks for checking out my blog🤓

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