Whooosh! It’s June!

Time has passed so quickly since the new pup Annie arrived. I barely noticed that I have used up all my 16 or so gallons of beads and crystals. I have not begun any new embroidery projects. Instead, my days have been trying to make a routine for the dog and reorganizing my studio. It’s been during the evenings that I will sit for hours (television!) and string strands of beads.

If you read the last blog, then you know I was concerned about my altered book was not being fully displayed while presented to be auctioned in the local museum fundraiser. I did contact the museum powers that be and they set it right, even having their photographer reshoot showing the items within. I’m very happy to report that after setting it right, there were a few bids and the case with all my little canvases sold. 🥳

Whilst cleaning and shifting things around, I thought I would play at painting over these old action paintings I had made a few years ago after discovering acrylic string gel medium. String gel is a goopy clear acrylic. Add pigment and using a pallete knife, it was so much fun to randomly drip and streak color on those canvases.

Painting over painting
Annie’s play date with Sophie went great!

While I am preparing for creating stepping stones and mosaics for the yard this Summer, I am also considering my next embroidery canvases. Hopefully, I will have more information about that in the next blog. Also, my county is opening up and I will go out and explore where the artist member galleries are nearby.

Always, thanks for checking out my blog!


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