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I hope youre doing well?
April went flying by. I have and had some artwork on display. I was really happy to learn my canvas “Summer of Love Skull” was bid on by a few individuals. Congrats and Thank you for supporting the artists of ArtSpan SF.
I wasn’t so thrilled with how things went with the Altered Book Show. No one at the museum knew that there are canvases inside the case! They just posted a photo of the front of the exterior – I have embroidered canvases on 3 sides of the case but they only show one in the online show. I was so disappointed. I explained how the piece opened and how easily the shelves and that there’s 5 canvases inside set to glide out to the person who took it at the museum, what a let down that she did not explain it to the curators…or the photographer.
The longer I stewed about it, the more upset I got and so, I did contact the museum and the response was they had no clue to open it, but now that they know and have peeked inside, they will redo the photo to display the work inside. The whole point of the Altered book show and auction is to raise funds for the museum and displaying a work to it’s full concept-contents, is to benefit the museum and find bids.
I did get out to help place the title cards to the art pieces. There are some beautiful works, some funny works and intense works I could spend an hour taking in. A show worth looking at and if you’d like it’s online as well as “live” on dislay at Marin Museum of Contemporary Art (I got an Honorable Mention for my piece in their last member exhibit). Here’s a link to look and to bid on all the pieces- auction closes May 23rd.

I promise I wasn’t sulking the entire time since the last blog, in fact, in a crazy crush of fulfilling a whim, we adopted a new puppy. My husband was waiting for results about a health issue and just up and decided that he wasn’t going to wait any longer for his new “big” dog. We were sposeta wait until we have been properly settled into the new house. So, we went straight into must have dog NOW mode and scoured the online shelters and rescues until we got to a couple of pretty puppies named Zaya and Oochacha, listed as being within 50 miles from us. We completed the very thorough application as fast as we could and sent photos of our entire home and yard to Adopt a Doggie (Castro Valley, CA).
Scott had a couple facechats with the founder Mary and found out Zaya and Oochacha were actually in Taiwan but were being flown in that exact same week. We decided to adopt whichever pup arrived first and that pup was Oochacha.


We were super impressed with Mary and Adopt a Doggie, Mary has a youtube channel and we were directed to look at Oochacha’s videos to watch her reactions to small children, cats, other dogs at a dog park, her vet check up and walking with a leash. Everything looked good.
It appears that Mary has a large shelter for many dogs .
Taiwan was the first country to ban eating dog meat and now has an exploding dog population. Mary’s channel also has videos of actual rescues as they happen. My thought is that Mary grooms the youngest dogs and puppies for the best outcome. I don’t know how long our dog was with Mary but she arrived healthy, super clean ears-nails every thing perfect. She understands a few simple commands “sit” and walks beautifully on the leash.
The next step was to find a relative or friend with an SUV because the doggy would be in a crate and the crate couldnt be opened or the dog released until it was safely at a the final location (HOME). Our old friend Stuart had the SUV and the curiosity to help us out. Thank you!!!!!

So, less than a week – about 5 days, after Scott insisted he must have his big puppy, Oochacha was in our house. We have changed her name to Annie after our dear friend, who was an exceptionally funny, lovely and great friend to many. I have truly thought of and missed her mucho in the few years she has been gone.

The Original Annie Sunshine Daydream

Annie is very sweet, no aggression,eager to please but shy. My son Noah, age 26 has not quite won her over just yet…It could be that Annie hasnt seen a bearded white man or that he has all those strange sounds coming from his room (Noah designs sounds, every kind of synthesizer and instruments- he has an album of sounds out on Apple music and soundcloud, right now).
Here’s some Annie pictures.

Annie and 17 year old Onyx. Onyx loves Annie’s loving on him. Only for a few minutes a day because Annie gets too excited.
If Abe the Cat could speak, he’d be screaming at me “LOOK at what your dog is doing to the garden!!!
My daughter came all the way from San Jose to meet Annie.
Don’t tell Scott his “Big” puppy is really medium sized.
It’s been quite a couple weeks. Everyday is a bit easier than the day before…unless youre Abe the cat!
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