April Art and Auctions!

Wow! Everything at once!

I was excited to have my canvas accepted for the https://www.artspanart.org/auction2021ArtSpan auction. Already dropped off for the auction. But, it’s not the only auction coming up this month, there’s that Altered Book auction too. I spent a few minutes going over it -attending to details. I drop it off tomorrow to the museum. I took pictures of it from a few angles. Here I also have pictures of the innards.

The left side of the case has a 5×7 inch canvas on it that can be removed . I’m using my “about the Author “ description for the artist binder which will be at the museum.
On top of the case is my book cover with a pop out “INSPIRE” canvas. I glued a small tab on these little canvases to pull them out with.
The front of the case stays closed magnetically. I had a hard time giving up that heart milegra for the pull . I am sure I will find another just like it though.
The back is pictures of art from the book on foam board
Complete 8×8 inch canvas imbedded on the right side of the case- doesn’t pull out!
Within the case are 5 more artfully embroidered 5×7 inch canvases that slide completely out of the case.
And here the 5 little canvases based on either artwork or an artful technique from the book. Mirrors, fabric, sequins, paper, embellishments also match materials used when I created the canvases that are shown in the book.

Now, there’s still that Mission Kiss event coming up on Sunday! I won’t be able to attend but I hope someone finds my heart (I sent it in) and likes it!

Okay, still going on here! I composed a table setting about my inspirations for creating for my Women’s Caucus for Art chapter’s exhibit at The Bankhead Theater in Livermore, California, coming up next month.. I opted to send an image rather than bring the table setting to Livermore. I don’t have a postcard for this show just yet.

Not the image I sent in but close. I bought all the cutlery and plates at the dollar store. I had fun but not as much time to put together. I set my table by the crystal curtains for the image sent in. Can’t see it here.

A new artist friend from ArtSpan, Nathalie Fabri (who originated and organized us for The Mission Kiss) invited me to participate in “The http://www.fabrikations.com/posts/the-naked-truth/Naked Truth of Arts”. So, I did!

Oh boy, I think that’s every thing going on. I’m glad I can get outside with my beads and crystals it helps unwind and I get to still make something. Here’s more recent photos, thanks for checking out my blog!

A new view via panoramic camera setting.
This newer web of beads glows and glows when the sun hits it around 3:30 PM
Everyday, more and more plants pop up. I am not fluent in flowers or plants so I got the app which reveals what a flower or plant is and am finding out that all the new growths are lamb’s ears and irises! Scott just planted three purple chrysanthemum plants by the lavender. May it all bloom at once for fun!

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