Springing On

Hello! Happy April! Happy Spring 2021!

I’m having a good Spring so far! I just received my first vaccination shot on Saturday. Still laying low until we receive our second doses. During this Spring, we celebrated Scott’s birthday which came with an unhappy surprise of finding out he has Diabetes 2. You would’nt know to look at him as he is fairly fit and at his perfect weight. Hereditary, his dad had it. Since hearing this news, Scott has completely restocked the ingredients he has been cooking/baking with (his passion is baking sweets!) and though the news of having this disease was upsetting at first, I have to cheer for Scott turning it all around and now, brainstorming on ways to make yummy baked treats without so much sugar or sweeteners. Quite a challenge. I worry about if and how aging will force me to stop making art which is my passion. My eyes still see close-up and my fingers never ache but one day it could change for me, so I’m grateful for my health and hope when the day comes that I will be able to deal with the challenges that aging brings in this stage of life.
Aside from celebrating his 2nd quarantine birthday, I’ve enjoyed the wonders of Spring. I love my yard and after finishing the Altered Book, I’ve mostly been outdoors hanging even more strands of crystals and beads. Can you believe I’m on my last 6 gallons of beads? When I run out of beads, I will move onto my next outdoors project which should be just as fun. I’m planning on creating mosaic stepping stone labrynth in the front yard weaving thru the citrus trees we are growing. I have 2 “Bash Boxes” filled with broken ceramics and lots of tiles, leftovers from other projects. I will probably buy pavers and grout on top but if making my own cement blocks are cheaper, might do that instead. We’ll see as Summer approaches!

I guess we can blame the pandemic for life slowing down. Well, obviously for how exhibiting artwork is changing. I can’t say I’m thrilled by showing only online. Embroidery and the embellishments hold way more magic in 3D. The camera isn’t showing you how colors and textures come together as your eyes or touch would. You only see the art in one light. It doesn’t always pick up how the embellishments sparkle as seeing it in 3D can.
I’m excited to have a canvas “Summer of Love Skull” going up for auction at ArtSpan’s 2021 Juried Benefit Art Auction! πŸŽ‰ This event will be a week-long extravaganza starting on April 17th up until the LIVE auction happening on the evening of April 24th! There will be over 140 original works by Bay Area artists available for a week of ‘safe ‘n cyber’ bidding. Along with this fabulous week of art and festivity there is also an exclusive chance for VIP auction-goers to receive an ArtSpan ‘swag bag’ of goodies and a gourmet catered meal; complete with wine, appetizers, a main course, and a delicious dessert! Mark your calendars and don’t miss out on your chance to celebrate art where you ARE! πŸ πŸ’›πŸ‘‡ Click the link below to learn more! πŸ‘‡www.artspan.org/auction

I’m still very excited to bring my Altered Book to Marin Museum of Contemporary Art to be part of that HUGE show. I did finish it but it’s not due for a few more weeks. Below is an url to learn more about that exhibit annnnnd auction! https://marinmoca.org/exhibitions/event/131/

I wasn’t quite completely done with finessing this but now, you have a little glimpse of all the work I did on it.

Thanks for checking in with me.
I will be back in a few days with news on my table setting for that Women’s Caucus for the Arts exhibit (In Livermore, California).


So many Honey and Bumble bees in our yard. They don’t mind me sticking my phone in front of them.
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