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Hello Hello!
I have enjoyed creating my altered book. It’s almost finished! Presently, I’m waiitng for a delivery of gaffer’s tape to fine-tune the edges. There are a bunch of artsy craftsy moves on this project. Mosaic tiles, mirrors, magnets, milagros, sequins, rhinestones, bits of jewelry and fabric.tissue paper, All the acrylic mediums I mentioned in my book are included smewhere-all kinds of decorative paper and finally, pages and the cover of my own little book that I wrote on “Artful Embroidery” .
Then, there’s all the stuff you don’t really notice. Duct tape, invisible tape, masking tape, The gaffer’s tape I ran out of: The sheets of foam board, cardboard, wood blocks and a few tiny nails to hold it together.
But, boy, I missed stitching while putting the book project together. Today, because I can’t finish that book project without the little bit of the gaffer’s tape I’m waiting on, I am going to stitch on the leftover dollar store canvases I have.
I don’t want to reveal the nearly completed project in photos just yet. But, here are a few glimpses-

I can’t wait to finish this thing! I’m excited that it’s coming together!
This panel is full of acrylic mediums. It includes some of my mini plastic people suspended in resin with mica flakes.
This panel was being worked on when I took the picture.
It features a postcard with a matching business card.

I remember that I meant to show more pictures from the Crystal Meditation space. it’s been rainy and gray but let me see…Thanks for checking out my blog! Cheers to Spring, coming up sooon!

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