Artful Embroidery Altered Book

It was meant to happen, that I am altering my own little book for Marin Museum of Contemporary Art. I thought of altering other books but really, how often does the chance to make an art piece from my own book?

I’m only abusing this advanced reading copy because it’s less quality paper than the published books.

I’m not super sure how I will alter the structure but currently am creating small embroidered canvases to use with this project.

I still have some of the materials used for the artwork in my book.

I found these small stretched canvases at a dollar store. I’m surprised at how they are strong enough to handle being stitched on.

Another little 5×7 inch canvas, stitched mirrors and used acrylic mediums on it and it still remains firm. You can see my iPhone lens in the mirrored eye socket.

I wish you a happy March! I will be back soon with more of this project and the crystal area too!

Thanks for checking out my blog🌹

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