Dedicated to Angie and Martha, 2 aunties I only knew for a short time.

It felt like Aunties took forever, but only because it did take longer than usual to finish up because I have been spending a lot of time on the Crystal Meditation area.

I am already on the last 3/4 of the 30ish gallons of beads.
The crystals in full sunshine are blinding. For Valentines, I added 200 crystal hearts to create a new curtain between trees and another 120 star shaped crystals to the strands of beads between the trees. I should just stop and wait until Summer to string anymore because I have just entered 2 shows without actually having created the artwork for either of them yet! It’s rarely been an option for me to enter shows without having to send in photos and details first, but these are fundraisers. One was a call for an altered book and the other is to create a table setting. I have long been hearing about the annual Altered Book exhibit at Marin MOCA. it was always too late or too early to think about entering but today, I am right on time. I pledged to bring in an Altered Book in April for the fundraiser. I’m deciding whether to “alter” my own little book (lol, just sew in the actual stitched artwork I made for the book over the art gallery in that book) OR, go wild and crazy with one of the oversized textbooks a certain far flung son left behind “I don’t care what you do with them.”
The other pledge is to create a table setting. I’m reminded of when my art class took a field trip to see Judy Chicago’s Dinner Table. I thought it was an intriguing idea -not so much the famous hu-has on plates but that it was different. I’ll find out more about the exhibit at a zoom meet up in a few days.
Last week, I joined an ArtSpan Artist ZOOM Mixer and painted a heart to send to be part of The Mission Kiss Project. It felt nice to get out my paints and paint pens but, I soon remembered why I prefer stitching. My main problem painting is how easily wet paint gets messed up and how correcting slight smudges can be heartbreaking . A single wild strand of hair landing in a key location can really screw things up for me. Stitching on canvas is much much muchy much more less stressful. Takes longer but mistakes are easier to correct.

For the Mission Kiss Project

Now, what else? I’m thinking of doing a long tutorial on creating a 12 inch mixed medium art piece of pets. Anyone interested?

In other news, I was so proud to have been a featured profile on the NCWCA social media pages.
If that wasn’t enough online presence, fellow CT Publications author, Christen Brown reached out to a few of us embroidery folks for tips and favorite stitches for her blog.

Thanks for checking out my blog!

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