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I apologize for taking sooo much time off from this blog! The truth of the matter is that I ve had some technical issues beyond my usual tech issues. My ipad refuses to charge, my 2 desktops are old and very old. In addition, my sweet metallic pink iphone 7 (old, too) was so cracked up that itty pieces of glass were splintering into my hand. Good news is I ended up being eligable for an upgrade so I am now happy to have an 11. I didnt even figure out to switch the sim card so, went the whole weekend without any calls or texts. After ranting loudly about not knowing what to do on Facebook, a friend casually asked if I had noticed the little packet with the tiny clip inside the iPhone box ? Oops, well, now the phone is a phone but the only thing that actually matters is the camera upgrade. Hope to bring you better photographs now.
So what’s up? My “Wish You Were Here” canvas is still up at Marin Museum of Contemporary Art in Novato. I’m still excited and proud to have an Honorable Mention for it. If you would like to view the exhibit, here’s a link- Stoked to part of this network of wonderful artists.
I would’ve likely finished the “Aunties” canvas but my crystal meditation thing has taken up the majority of my recent afternoons. I’m like a spider out in my yard, taking long strands of beads and draping them across tree branches, intertwining them. It’s hard to see these in pictures but, they are in the area where the crystal curtains are hanging. There’s actually a few curtains. They are intertwined at various points. The idea is that there are layers to catch light-color from. Hmm, I’ll just post some pictures and you can see and maybe understand what I am doing.

It may be hard to pick out the many strands of beads criss crossing thru the trees but, theyre there.
Another angle

As rain is expected all thru the week, I look forward to getting back to my “Aunties” canvas. I’m considering collaging some paper to the backround. I guess we’ll see once the “ladies” are fully stitched up.

‘Aunties” in progress

I guess that is all I have to report for today.
Thank you so much for checking out the blog!

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