And December!

My Rainbow Meditation curtain with a sunlit light show.


It’s strange how the days go by so quickly….then again, I have been busy setting up the meditation spot with yards and yards of strung beads and crystals.

Even in the week since this picture was taken, I’ve added 2 dozen more chandelier pendants. All sorts of chandelier pendants can be found on eBay or Amazon- choose glass not plastic for long lasting sparkle.

For rainbow and bright colors, the sunlight has to flow from behind the crystals.
Another picture from a few weeks ago, there are beads strung from the 4 trees in the middle of the yard.
It’s hard to see but, there’s some more of the beaded strands …it’s just the beginning- I have gallons of glass beads to string . Waiting on the delivery of a huge amount of floral wire.

In the months to come, I have plenty of projects to work on. After I finish blogging this blog, I will get back to work on Garden Catrina.

Abe approves.
The deer found me! Like the deer at our last home, this one likes to watch me fiddle with my creation. She is in the neighbor’s yard. Yay, fences.

I did give into my urges and ordered the madtosh mystery bag of glittery wool unicorn horns

It took a couple of weeks to get here…12 skeins for $30.00
I had hoped for more colorful colors but I do love the strands of glittery thread running through each skein.

I was not in love with the colors received but do like having a variety of glittering yarn. These will be fun to work into Garden Catrina’s ruffled skirt.

Garden Catrina near the garden. Fun canvas to work on but 36 by 48 inches is a lot of stitching.

So much to do and lots of time for doing! The rainy weather is perfect for embroidering. I can smell my husband’s goodies baking and listen to whatever weird thing that interests me via YouTube. It’s a cozy day in December and I promise to blog again soon.

Thanks for checking out my blog!

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