Staying Busy-Busy

What a crazy and fast moving November!
I have been spending most of my time working on my two main projects with gusto. above you see my Garden “Catrina”. Garden Catrina is the first of a little series of Catrinas, I am going to stitch. Who/What is Catrina? Here’s the answer by the artist who created her-
“La Catrina has become the referential image of Death in Mexico, it is common to see her embodied as part of the celebrations of Day of the Dead throughout the country; she has become a motive for the creation of handcrafts made from clay or other materials, her representations may vary, as well as the hat.” – J.G. Posada
My 1st Catrina is a lover of flowers. Her garden includes many flowers as well as a hummingbird and a few other tiny creatures that you will have to search thru the finished canvas to find.

More flowers for Catrina’s garden. I keep my flawed/used canvases for piecework like this.

The toughest part of this canvas has been waiting and waiting and still waiting for all the BEAUTIFUL yarns I’ve ordered to be delivered. I’m waiting on Madeline Tosh for 2 orders. One has 2 hanks of heavenly wool plus 6 or so “Unicorn tails”. The 2nd order is a mystery bundle of 12 “unicorn tails”.
Silly me, I expected the yarn was ready to be sent but right there, on the receipt, it says that it may take a few weeks BEFORE the yarn is ready to be sent. Grrr, but honestly, my go to yarn shop was out of every color I needed. My 3rd order is from someplace called “Eat Sleep Knit”. It has taken this company 2 days to get a shipping label up. More disappointment but, at least they claimed to have the yarn I need.
On the subject of yarn, I received the mystery half pound order from eBay. The seller claimed there was a variety of fibers but what I received is all acrylic and mostly too thick for my needles and bumpy! You know I get cranky about bumpy yarn.

pouty face.

My other pursuit is draping crystals, beads and prisms across a trio of trees in my yard. I was tired of looking at trellises and pergulas. The trees were calling for attention and so, where the previous homeowner had a statue under these trees, I am creating a spot for meditating under tiny rainbows like the one below-

A couple of teensy rainbows.

After putting up tons of crystals, it’s coming along but there is a lot more strands of beads and stuff to go. I have to remember that my Belmont Trellis took YEARS before it looked exactly right. I’ve only been working on this one for a few weeks.

Everyday, I’m adding crystals- this was a few days ago. I try to get up there for the time the sun hits it so, I can sit in the chair and let the rainbows hit me. I love to look at the colorful bright light coming thru the prisms.

I will add more pictures as the thing together.
In other news, I’m happy to have joined as an artist member to
and also renewed as an artist member to
Hopefully, next time I check my name will be listed somewhere among the organization’s other artists.
Thanks for checking out my blog!
I may blog again, but in case I don’t,
Wishing everyone reading this a fully wonderful and HEALTHY Thanksgiving.

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