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As promised, I have returned with the link to my interview on Artful Embroidering with Create Whimsy

.My interview at Create Whimsy

There’s a glimpse at my new crystal bead installation. You may recall I posted some pictures of my cleaning them. And way before that, all the beads were on my trellis in my other home.

Rainbow 🌈 already. I haven’t even made a dent in my cases of crystals.

When I am not stringing crystals, I am working on a new large piece-

I outlined my marker designs with black stitching and am almost finished filling in the circular/curly line patches on the sleeves.

I enjoyed looking at yarn online and I had earmarked some money from the generous commission received, for more yarn…of course! You all know it’s been months since I bought new yarn. I saw a fun Madeline Tosh mystery box offer on one of my newsfeeds and had to check that out. It was a line of yarn called “Unicorn Tails’. The company already sold out of the Unicorn Tails Mystery boxes. I did go into the MadTosh website and found the Unicorn tails.

Oh my, I ended up splurging on several tails as well as some pretty 😍 yummy ‘not unicorn tails’ yarn . I can’t wait to show you as soon as it arrives- could be a couple weeks. Unicorn tails… are in slim bundles and, so are less expensive than a full ball or hank. You know I love a variety. Already forgot which colors I ordered…so it will be a little bit of a mystery.

I couldn’t stop though, my thirst for surprise yarn lead me to my old guilty pleasure- eBay. I merely searched for yarn bundles and poof! Bags of yarn appeared. I went for a cheap deal promising 1/2 pound of leftover yarn for $6.50. I’m a little nervous but someone has to check these things out, right?

Thanks for checking out my blog.

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