What a time


How are you? Interesting times for sure. Art is my best escape and I have been working on so many art projects that I’m certain my serotonin levels are super high.

Let’s begin with a look at my Dia de Muertos tables.

Table 1
Remembering a beloved nephew
Table 2
I never met or knew them but I honor my Latina and Indigenous matriarchs.
Table 3
Love is real, not fade away.

I was stoked to get my tables set up and even had a new idea to share for crafting but I was also working on a giant canvas that I needed to finish by DDM.

I don’t know how long I had these tins for, but they make quick frames for my print out.
This big canvas was great fun to put together. The buyers are happy so I am extremely happy 😃 happy.

So, busy-busy !

I’ve already begun another large canvas

The order of the thing- 1. Create skull, 2. Design body-dress, here I pop kraft paper on the table to design outline that syncs with size of skull. You will see I have trimmed some of the bulkiness from this gown.
3. Transfer to canvas. It’s only just tracing the paper gown and adding bony hands.

4. Drawing and stitching in designs for the gown. The rest of the gown will have to be put on another canvas. This is where I am at today.

But, the weather in Marin is still warm and sunny. I am not a nature freak but I do need my outdoor time.

Just when I was thinking about the deer that followed me around my Belmont backyard, 2 deer show up at the back fence in the neighbor’s yard, here in Marin. They have been hanging around watching me as I measured the space for my new outdoor installation.

Now that all my beads, prisms and crystals are clean and organized, I am beginning to create a new space to hang them.

A sneak peak of crystal curtains for a meditation area. I’ll pop more pictures up soon.

I was recently interviewed by Create Whimsy and will be back soon with the link.

Thank you for checking out my blog.

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