Come take a Look!

I was ready in time for online visitors to my home studio. I spent the day removing eyesores and switching canvases and hanging more up. I’m amazed at all the canvases that fit inside the closet. Until now, all have been stacked around the room but, what’s not on the walls are now mostly out of sight.

My dear Scott found someone to install the lights (with fans! Yay). Right on time for open studios. I should’ve checked the lighting situation out BEFORE signing up to open in late afternoon/evening times.
I am not sure exactly how many canvases are on display in here. I stopped counting at 60.

My biggest issue during the online event was unplugging my computer as I swirled it around to show off the room. It would’ve been great if Booth (the website who hosted the open studios) had a reverse view camera option…but, there wasn’t and I had to keep dodging the lens to show the artwork.

Thanks to my sister Alexis, who gave me a few rolls of glitter paper for runners on my table.
I bought this cart at a thrift store…maybe $15.? It has a few electrical outlets on it and has a pretty long cord.

Not an enormous turn out but I was happy to see one of my kids and enjoyed visits from friends and a few art people.

Now, it’s time for me to get back to work. I’m working on a really cool and large canvas that needs to be finished for Dia de Muertos..and then, as I might’ve said in the video, I will be getting the studio decked out for Dia de Muertos…

Thanks for checking out my blog.

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