Quick Update

Hello Fall,

Thankfully, the weather is cooling off and while it’s still fire season, the smoke is gone for now. The winds have volleyed the smoke clouds back and forth over my new town for a bit.

About a week ago, I enjoyed my MOCA museum sitting gig. I got to check viewers in. Of course, we all had masks and after every exchange of money, I drenched my hands with sanitizer.

Marin’s Rock Art Scene exhibit is up at MOCA Marin until November. The exhibit features some artwork but mostly, memorabilia Also included is the Olompali film. You can watch it on Prime.

I haven’t been blogging as much as a few weeks ago because, I am still getting my studio in shape for October 8th. I still don’t have my lighting installed. This is a problem because the Open Studios are scheduled from 4-8pm. It will be very dark inside my space at that time.

So dark at 4pm.

I do have a mobile media cart and extension cords to roll my computer/camera around the art…which I am still hanging.

I am confident the space will come together in time.

Thanks for coming by my blog. I will be back soon to add instructions on how to visit my studio on October 8.

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